IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review 

This article will provide you with a complete detailed review of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course. Financial modeling has become one of the most coveted career choices for finance professionals today not just globally, but in India as well. This has resulted in a number of eminent institutes offering top-grade financial modeling courses online as well as offline. These courses aim to provide you with an understanding of advanced concepts of financial models for a successful career. 


IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review 


As a renowned ed-tech Institute, IIM SKILLS needs no introduction. It is one of the finest institutes offering a wide range of job-oriented courses for students, professionals, and anyone keen to upskill and make a career no matter which juncture of life they are in. 


The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course is one such comprehensive training program that will bolster your knowledge of finance and excel while giving you relevant practical experience to strengthen your understanding of how to incorporate financial modeling. 


Course structure

The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course is an immersive online training program that involves 3 months of rigorous learning. You have 50 + hours of lecture with more than 100 hours dedicated to practical assignments, live projects, and case studies. Through these four live projects and 5 + case studies you will learn everything that is intrinsic to financial modeling. Moreover, you get a guaranteed internship for 2 months with partner firms that deal with investment banking financial modeling specialization, and valuation. IIM Skills also provides soft skills training including resume preparation, and mock interview sessions to help you build confidence in your abilities to crack interviews for desired financial modeling job designations. 


Course Curriculum

The syllabus is segregated into 6 modules with each module encompassing 1 vital element of financial modeling. 


1) Excel Fundamental and Advanced Concepts

  • Introduction To MS Excel 
  • Introduction To Ribbon
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Vlookup Hlookup 
  • Index 
  • Offset 
  • Paste Special 
  • Concatenate 
  • Indirect And Others 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Number And Font Formatting 
  • Freezing Of Cells, Rows, And Columns 
  • Data Validation 
  • Filters Using Excel Functions And Formulas 
  • Table Functions 
  • Data Presentations 
  • Pivot Tables
  •  Pivot Chart 
  • Slicers 
  • Introduction To Macros 
  • Dynamic Dashboard 
  • Sensitivity Analysis With Data Tables 
  • Time Value Functions 
  • Text Functions Including Find-replace Substitute Etc Sparkline
  •  Charts And Graphs Like Bar Graph,s Line Charts, Footballfieldseld, Scatterplots, Histogram, Pie Chart
  •  Text To Column 
  • Return Functions 
  • Iterative Calculations 
  • What-if Analysis


2) Financial Statements and Key Accounting Concepts

  • Essential Accounting Fundamentals & Concepts 
  • Income Statement 
  • Balance Sheet And Cash Flow Statement 
  • Understanding Relationship Among The Three Financial Statements 
  • Common Size Financial Statement Preparation 
  • Annual Report Management 
  • Discussion Analysis 
  • Important Accounting Concepts Including Direct Cost, Operating Cost, Earning Before Interest And Tax, Depreciation, Amortization, Goodwill, Cash Flows, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Non-current Assets & Liabilities 
  • Minority Interest 
  • Shareholders Equity 
  • Capital Expenditure 
  • Deferred Revenue And More


3) Key Performance Indicator Analysis

  • Types Of Ratio
  •  Activity Ratios 
  • Liquidity Ratios 
  • Profitability Ratios 
  • Solvency Ratios 
  • Dupont Formula 
  • Valuation Ratios 
  • Earning Per Share 
  • Treasury Stock Method 
  • Financial Summary 
  • Benchmarking Companies Performance 
  • Competitive Analysis And Others


4) Basics of financial modeling structure

  • Financial Modeling Structure 
  • Creating Diverse Scenarios Including Using Scenario Manager Index Etc 
  • Financial Statements Projection 
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices 
  • Error Tracking Techniques And Tricks 
  • Formatting Tips 
  • Building Revenue 
  • Financial Summary 
  • Cover Page


5) Types of financial models

  • Leveraged Buy-out Model 
  • Three Statement Projection Model 
  • Merger And Acquisition Model 
  • Private Equity Return Model 
  •  Cash Flow Model


6) Business Valuation 

  • DCF Valuation 
  • Relative Valuation 
  • NAV Approach 
  • Planning Structuring & Preparing Valuation Report 
  • Pre-money And Post-money Valuation Concepts 
  • Blended Valuation And Others


Silent features of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course 


1. Extensive Curriculum

The curriculum as delineated above is exhaustive covering key fundamental and advanced components of financial modeling to give your 360-degree understanding of the subject. A judicious mix of theoretical and practical training at the institute provides you with a strong foundation to implement financial models successfully. The curriculum provides you with necessary insights into different accounting concepts, financial statements, and Excel so that you develop full conviction in your abilities to perform financial modeling tasks with ease. 


2. LMS Access

One of the Highlights of the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course is that you get lifetime access to the learning management system for free. This includes recorded classes, case studies, updated learning materials, and every updated information available about the finance industry and especially from the financial modeling sector. Once you register for the course, you get access to the learning system and you can start learning immediately. 


3. Practical Assignments

Practical assignments constitute a very vital part of any financial modeling course. IIM SKILLS ensures that the course provides you with ample practical training to help you become familiar with implementing and executing financial models on spreadsheet software like Excel. Moreover, these practical assignments give you a first-hand experience of creating financial models using Excel functions. When you implement it yourself, you get more clarity on using these excel features to make well-planned and organized financial models.


For all of you interested in finance institutes in India, Check out the list of the top financial modeling courses in India.


4. Guaranteed Internship With Leading Firms 

IIM SKILLS offers you guaranteed internship with leading firms working in the investment banking sector and financial Modeling and valuation advisory. This internship opportunity helps you to network with clients and prove your mettle as a financial modeler. You get to interact with organizations and can display your skills to get desired job positions in financial modeling. It also helps to build core communicative skills and you can convey your points with clarity and conviction. 


5. Placement Assistance

With a guaranteed internship, IIM SKILLS also provides you with dedicated placement assistance. They have tie-ups with a number of Corporate organizations where you can apply for jobs and once cleared, can go for job interviews. The well-organized placement cell helps you with career guidance and assesses your strengths to provide you with job referrals that align with your interests and skills.


6. Immersive Learning 

Needless to mention, IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course has an immersive learning approach where you interact and brainstorm with fellow students in virtual classes. Since the batch size is small, you can have better interaction with your instructors and students to understand even the most complex concepts with clarity. There is room for discussion on financial concepts, and you also learn excel incisively.


7. Soft Skills Development

Along with top-grade training in Financial Modeling, IIM SKILLS offers you soft skills training including how to appear confident in interviews, creating a tailored resume for your job application, and developing communication skills. 


This entails both written and verbal communication that will help you to make a positive impact on your potential employers. If you fumble or fidget in your job interviews, you come across as unsure of your capabilities no matter how many achievements you have under your belt. IIM SKILLS helps to iron out those creases in your journey to becoming a successful financial modeler. 


8. Flexible Timing

The best part of enrolling in the online financial modeling course from IIM SKILLS is that you have the full support of the mentors and a flexible schedule that helps you to upskill even if you are a working professional or a student. There will be no hindrance in the learning process because all classes are available to you in your learning management system as recorded videos. Furthermore, after you go through these classes, and you still have doubts, you can always reach out to the mentors and instructors who are happy to help you and provide assistance with as much alacrity as possible. 


9. Master Certification 

IIM SKILLS offers you a Master’s certification which is industry-recognized. and the course material is in alignment with MS Excel giving you updated knowledge and learning resources to strengthen your understanding of finance and accountancy. Once you complete the course, you are provided a soft copy of your certificate which you can then display on your LinkedIn and other job profiles to gain the attention of prospective employees. It can also come to great use when you want to start as a freelancer in financial modeling trying to get leads and clients. 


10. Top-notch Instructors

The faculty at IIM SKILLS constitute expert members from the finance sector having tonnes of experience in the subject. They are actively involved in the corporate industry solving business challenges with as much dedication as they provide you with their teaching. Another advantage is that these faculty members not only teach you the nitty-gritty of financial modeling, but help you with tips, strategies, techniques, and hacks to solve business problems with the help of financial models efficiently. 


11. Meticulously Curated Learning Resources 

The learning resources offered to students at IIM SKILLS are carefully designed and curated by industry experts keeping in mind best practices and industry trends. As more and more people are opting for financial modeling courses it has become imperative that institutes provide a well-structured curriculum and advanced learning resources for students to keep abreast of the current scenario and trends. Since the learning resources are updated frequently as per changes happening in the finance domain, students at IIM SkILLS will never lose out on any new information and will have access to all the updated content in the learning resources section of the learning management system. 


12. Complimentary Benefits 

A host of complimentary features is provided by IIM SKILLS to give the students the utmost benefits and an interesting learning methodology. The complementary benefits comprise backup classes, doubt clearance sessions, community forums, regular discussions on finance topics, and job referrals to name a few.


13. Free Demo 

Once you decide to enroll in the financial modeling course at IIM SKILLS, you can always reach out to the experts and ask for a demo session to understand how the financial modeling course is conducted at the institute and how to proceed with the training program. You will get a clear idea of the training pedagogy and for any other queries regarding the course fee, payment, and other significant issues, you can reach out to the mentors as well. 


14. Diligent Post-Course Support 

The post-course support at IIM SKILLS is committed to offering you all benefits that will help you to become a complete financial modeler. As a reputed Institute, IIM SKILLS is known for its post-course help and support. You will get speedy doubt resolution whenever you reach out to the help desk. 


Some Skills You Will Garner After Completion of IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course

IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course will help you understand the complexities of financial modeling tasks to smoothen your entry into the world of finance. You acquire pertinent skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, crisis management, impeccable communication, and presentation ability. 


These skills are paramount today for any professional seeking a job in the finance industry. Moreover, since your foundation will be strong, you will be able to formulate high-end strategies for businesses of diverse sectors. 


Analytical skills and an innate love for mathematics, statistics, economics, and business mathematics is desired to become a formidable financial modeler. There is no denying the fact that this is a competitive industry with loads of people vying for the same job positions that will secure their future in their professional lives. You have to be a step ahead to carve a niche for yourself in the financial modeling industry. IIM SKILLS enables you to do that effortlessly with a consistent routine of attending the classes and practicing rigorously whatever tasks are assigned to you. 


Process Of Enrollment in IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course


  • After you have visited the website and are sure about registering for the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course, you sign up and immediately get access to the learning management system. This learning management system will have all the details pertaining to your classes, syllabus, and other important announcements.


  • When you register for the course, you will be asked to select a batch for the same. The Financial modeling course comes with weekend and weekday batches and you can choose one according to your wish based on your schedule.


  • One of the main things is that you have to be present in 70% of the classes to qualify for the examination that is held after the completion of the course. If by chance, you miss any live recording, you can go through the recorded versions of that class and it will be counted as your attendance for that session.


  • After the course is complete, you will have to sit for an examination and have to score 50% or above to get your online certificate. The soft copy version of the certificate will be provided to you within 15 days of your results.


  • Now coming to the internship, once you finish your course you will be eligible for a 2-month non-paid internship with the partner firms. This will help you in several ways; starting from gaining the requisite experience to applying for financial modeling positions the internship will give you the opportunities to network with eminent organizations looking for finance professionals.


  • IIM SKILLS will provide you with all the placement support based on your strengths and performance in your exam. Along with job references, you will get interview tips and resume preparation which will help you to stand out among the crowd. 


  • Once you get selected for an interview, IIM SKILLS will guide you with tips and techniques required to ace that interview so that you get your desired financial modeling job. If you do not wish to apply for any job, you can still take up freelancing options and the career guidance team at IIM SKILLS will help you in your endeavor to start your own business or get freelance clients from different job portals. 


Thus, you can begin your journey towards becoming a very successful financial modular with a rewarding career. 


Career Choices After Financial Modeling

  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Mergers And Acquisition Expert 
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Credit Research Analyst/Associate


The course is ideally suited to the following individuals:

1. Commerce Graduates

Commerce graduates who want a prosperous career in finance-related professional domains can opt for a financial modeling course to boost their resumes even further. This will lead to newer job avenues in the finance field. 


2. Finance Professionals

Finance professionals whether freshers or individuals with some years of experience can easily enroll in financial modeling courses to strengthen their work profiles and add the much-coveted skill today in the finance domain. This includes chartered accountants, company secretaries, CFA, and other financial position holders. It will add substantial weight to your CV and help you get better job prospects which will help in the long run. 


3. Students Pursuing MBA

Students pursuing MBA or professionals with an MBA degree can enroll in financial modeling courses to increase their chances of getting better job opportunities with higher remuneration and perks. 


4. Statistics Graduates

Students with a degree in statistics can enroll in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course to leverage their chances of getting diverse job options for a better future. 


5. Economics with Mathematics Graduates 

Students and professionals who have pursued economics with mathematics can enroll in IIM SKILLS financial modeling courses to gain proficiency in excel and finance-related concepts. This opens up a wider horizon for them to explore job opportunities in finance-related departments.


6. Mathematics Graduates 

People with an inclination in mathematics will find it very interesting to enroll in the financial modeling course as this subject deals with numbers. You gain proficiency in the most important spreadsheet software- excel which will come to great benefit for any finance-related job profile. 


7. Engineers and B.Tech Graduates 

Professionals coming from a technical background or engineering, in general, will also find it lucrative to take up this financial modeling course. This will help them to understand Finance more comprehensively by giving them the chance to look for more remunerative job options. 


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1. What are my prospects after completing IIM SKILLS financial modeling course? 

After completing the IIM skills financial modeling course, you can opt for a variety of job options like equity research, corporate finance, credit research, merger and acquisition, research analysts, and more. 


2. How to Find the right job after completing the financial modeling course from IIM SKILLS?

The scope for financial modeling is so tremendous today that after completion of the course, you will get innumerable opportunities to showcase your skills and prove your worth as a financial modeler. You have to be active on important job portals including LinkedIn to be able to identify the job opportunities that align with your objectives. Whether you want to attract leads or get a financial modeling job at an organization, make a list of your priorities first. Then shortlist the clients and/or organization you want to work with and start to pitch them your skills. A portfolio of your work will also help in case you have interned somewhere. And IIM SKILLS will guide you in this every step of the way.


3. What is the average salary in financial modeling after completing of financial modeling course and certification program? 

Once you complete a financial modeling course, you become equipped with handling complex financial statements and advanced accounting concepts. Today every business is looking for financial modelers to understand the financial position of the business with more clarity and to be able to make judicious decisions for the business. Keeping in mind the demand, the average salary for financial modelers with considerable years of experience (3 to 5 years) is 8 lakhs and above. However, it depends on your merit and your ability to show your financial modeling skills for the business. 



So, here you have a complete review of the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course along with all the pertinent details that might be of relevance to a student or professional wanting to pursue this course. Factors like course structure, curriculum, duration, fee, mentor qualifications, and distinctive features of the institute are mentioned in detail. Hopefully, this will help you make an educated decision regarding enrolling in the course. For any doubts, you can always ask for a demo session and talk to an expert at the institute to eliminate any ambiguity surrounding the training program. 


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