Top 9 GST Certification Courses in Surat

Looking for the best certifications courses that can help you be an effective and efficient GST practitioner?GST means Goods and services tax. As the name suggests it is a tax, an indirect one is used by the Indian government to collect taxes on the supply of goods and services. Today we bring you the list of the top 9 GST certifications courses in Surat that would give you the required knowledge and skills about the domain.


List of best GST certification courses in Surat


What are GST and GST certification courses?


A GST certification course is a course targeted at people who want to be GST practitioners. The course helps you understand the basics of GST while explaining the effective application and implementation of GST. This helps you navigate the streets of GST easily without any unsolvable problems.


That lets you get acquainted with all the practical aspects of GST. The basic nature of a GST certification course is technical as it tries to simplify all the technical aspects of GST. This otherwise seems to be very difficult and appears to be a tough nut to crack. A good GST certification course would help you with all such major and minor details.


The queries to amplify the range of the skill set you would need to master as a good GST practitioner. This leads you to the question of who is applicable for this course and if there is any particular background that is required for this qualification to be pulled off.


Who can be a GST practitioner?


It is a popular belief that only a certain group of professional people can deal with GST and earn out of this new reform that has been recently added to the Indian economy. Mostly the only people that are associated with it are experienced workforce who have been from the academic background of commerce stream and professionals like chartered accountants.


But let us introduce you to the deal-breaker that would help you widen your approach on the question of who can be a GST practitioner? For being a GST Practitioner you do not need to belong to the professional and experienced section of people. We found out that around 47% of the GST practitioners are freshers and students who have just begun their journey in the market.


The number itself is very surprising and an unexpected outcome. Only one-third of the total is accounting and finance professionals. About 12% of them are business owners and start-ups. To our very pleasant surprise, the remaining 8% has been the retired people, housewives, and other people.


This helps us realize that the stereotype that only the professional and experienced section of society can work and earn a living as a GST practitioner is merely an assumption without much concrete truth to it.


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How to choose the best GST certification course for you?


After careful analysis and a diligent look-through, all the courses total is accounting and finance professionals. About 12% of them are business owners and start-ups. To our very pleasant surprise, the remaining 8% has been the retired people, housewives, and other people.


This helps us realize that the stereotype that only the professional and experienced section of society can work and earn a living as a GST practitioner is merely an assumption without much concrete truth to it.


How to choose the best GST certification course for you?


After careful analysis and a diligent look-through of all the courses available in the market. We have shortlisted the top 9 GST certification courses in Surat for you. We have also tried to give you a brief account of the special features that they provide you. So, you can decide and pick the course that can fulfill all your requirements to be a good GST practitioner.


Top 9 GST certification courses in Surat


Rank# 1. GST Certification Courses in Surat

1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provide one of the finest GST certification courses in Surat, the name of their course is the GST Practitioner certification course. This course is exhaustive as well as all-encompassing. They have a  unique to educate the learner through their brilliant curriculum that meets the industry demands.


It is accompanied by practical training and a comprehensive focus on the application part. They provide you with sixteen hours of self-study lectures with practical assignments accompanied by weekly assessments. IIM also offers you skills that will make you eligible for freelance opportunities and they have a dedicated placement cell to make sure you do not regret your choice.


They would provide you with free electronic books with invoicing tools and software. Ministry of Micro Small Medium Enterprise Government of India recognizes IIM skills. It leverages the credibility of the courses it offers.


List of best GST certification courses in Surat

The key features of IIM Skills are:-


  • It makes your learning experience a practical one by adding case studies and hands-on implementation.
  • It gives you lifetime access to all new updates so your knowledge does not get old by giving you access to live and recorded lectures at no extra cost.
  • They also promise you online support with their dedicated GST practitioner’s community of more than two thousand professionals.
  • It also lets you have access to invoicing tools and software implementation learning so that you could master the art of managing hundreds of clients with no major-minor problems.
  • The cost of the course is 6490 INR, which can be available to you at 2900 INR after the discount they offer.

Other Courses


Rank# 2. GST Certification Courses in Surat

2. The Institute of Chartered Accountants


The next place is the GST coaching is the certificate course on GST by The Institute of Chartered Accountants. This course provides you with a comprehensive purview of the GST core concepts and principles. The main highlight of this course is the enhancing analytical and problem-solving skills that it provides for effective decision making.


The course provides the foundational basics and definition of GST. It also covers topics like levy, time of supply, and place of supply. Various other topics like an input tax credit, transitional issues, valuation, registration, return, payment, refund, assessments and offenses, custom duties, and ethical practice are also covered under it.


One of the main objectives of this course is to leverage the standard of the students to the global level market. It provides essential industrial and practical knowledge. The entire course is systematic and student-friendly.


However, access to this course is limited only to the members of the institute of a chartered accountant. The duration of this course is around ten working days and the cost of the course is 14,000 INR.


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Rank# 3. GST Certification Courses in Surat

3. ISEL Global


On the other spot of our list of the GST courses is ISEL global’s course named GST practitioner certification courses. The course is a comprehensive guide for the students regarding GST. It is an up-skilling course exclusively designed for aspiring professionals who want to be market-ready.


The course is a 3-month long course with more than thirty hours of content that helps students learn. They also help you have your doubts cleared through live online interactive sessions with the faculty. The faculty taking most of the lectures are delivered by full-fledged industry experts with more than twenty-five years of experience.


It would aid students to gain an insight into the industry and how it works in the practical field. The course covers all the major and minor topics that are related to the GST regime with the focus on the constant improvisation of the skills of the student from beginner level to advanced level.


Various offline tools like GST study material, excel offline tools and user manual guides are also provided to the students. They also provided constant contact with the trainer and technical support through electronic mails. The course is open to all finance and commerce graduates who belong to the business lines.


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Rank# 4. GST Certification Courses in Surat

4. Clear Tax Learning


Clear Tax learning offers you a comprehensive virtual certification on new GST returns. It promises you more than eight hours of intensive training. It also offers to cover the detailed transition plan to the new GST. The faculty consists of carefully hand-picked industry experts.


Your growth is well surveillance and taken care of through assessments. They also offer you case studies that are taken by expert chartered accountants. It covers all the basics of GST Returns. It also includes everything you need to learn about the new GST return system.


The course is open for chartered and tax practitioners, company executives as well as students and fresher. The cost of this course is 4800 INR which can be subjected to discounts under certain offers provided by the organization.


Rank# 5. GST Certification Courses in Surat



The GST certification course provided by NIIT offers you a total duration of twenty hours for learning. They have kept the mode of learning as classroom type. The course also includes an embedded tally certificate. It provides comprehensive and aggressive learning regarding the GST regime.


It already has a network of more than seventeen thousand learners. The faculty has been composed of industry veteran faculty. Its main objective is to induce clarity of concepts among the students regarding the implementation and the practical application of GST. It also prides you real-time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention of their students.


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Rank# 6. GST Certification Courses in Surat

6. CAclubindia


The CAclubindia provides a GST course by the name Online Advanced GST training & Certification Course. The course gives you more than sixty hours of video classes. It also gives you an electronic book on goods and services tax. The medium of this entire course is in English.


It promises you that their content is updated with the latest Union Budget reforms and also the latest GST council reforms. This course offers you a detailed understanding of GST Provisions with practical case studies. It also provides you with an analysis of the related issues in GST.


It also teaches you about the relevant amendments and implications of such amendments. That does not only focus on theoretical knowledge of GST and the concepts but also the practical aspects of GST that help develop clarity of advanced concepts in a student’s mind.


The course includes an in-depth study of concepts like levy and supply under the ambit of GST. It also widens the approach by also covering in detail the scope of all the integral concepts and components of GST. The cost of this entire course is 6599 INR including all registration charges and taxes.


Rank# 7. GST Certification Courses in Surat

7. Udemy


The GST certification courses in Surat, offered by Udemy provide you thorough learning of all the GST concepts and it also gives you access to a GST Portal where you can access all the related concepts live. The course includes more than three hours of on-demand videos and they also give you full lifetime access to them.


It is compatible with your laptop, TV as well as mobile. All the basic requirements regarding the domain of goods and service tax like GST filing, registration, and cancellation are covered in this course. Further knowledge about advanced concepts and core field amendments are also covered in the course.


List of best GST certification courses in Surat

The course promises its students to end up with a thorough understanding of the GST law which would be helpful to them in their practical life. They provide detailed notes with cases and multiple-choice questions to enhance the answering abilities of the students which would help them test their knowledge regarding the same.


They offer this course at 1280 INR. With 1280 being the maximum retail price in case of discount and other offers you might be able to avail of this course for less. The specified pre-eligibility they look for is people who are either accountants, tax practitioners, chartered accountants, or people who did their undergraduate or postgraduate from either commerce or business.


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Rank# 8. GST Certification Courses in Surat

8. Tax Guru


Tax Guru provides this certification course on GST It is named The Self-learning Certification Course on GST The course includes all the basic and advanced level concepts regarding goods service tax. It includes various legal aspects of the tax, the relevant and recent amendments, the framework regarding the dispute redressal mechanism on the same, required knowledge about the GST department and its structure.


All the major and minor details regarding the GST law would be covered. There would be a detailed analysis of all the major aspects of this law. The course costs 8000 INR excluding the tax. The medium of the course is both Hindi and English as liked by the candidate.


Online and virtual tests allow for the students’ performance to get a proper evaluation and judgment. The course is open for all finance professionals, people having an academic background in business. It is also open for people who are already working as professionals in the taxation domain.


Rank# 9. GST Certification Courses in Surat



NIFM stands for National Institute of Financial Management. NIFM provides the GST certification course under the name certificate course in GST. It is an advanced-level course to test a student’s knowledge of various concepts related to GST. It gives you practical knowledge through a model of self-study through online mode.


The course has been structured in a way and it has five sessions in total. In the very first session, it gives the students an overview of the GST act. It also talks about the meaning and scope of the supply of goods and services. With various other topics, it also talks about the role of GSTN.


The second session of the course deals with the overview of the IGST Act. It also covers the places of supply and utilization aided with cross-utilization of IGST. It also talks about topics like electronic commerce and job work. The third session includes topics like tax invoices, credit, and also debit notes along payments.


This session also covers Transitional provisions, TDS, TCS, and various sorts of compensation to states under GST. More focus is paid to the practical aspects relating to the application, implementation, and execution of the tax in the fourth session. An online examination is conducted to put students’ knowledge to the test, in the fifth session.


Fees: 12,500/-.




 1. What does a GST practitioner do?

Union and State government approve A GST practitioner so that he can perform activities on the behalf of a taxable person.


2. Is a GST Certification course beneficial?

A good GST certification course is quite beneficial as all the above-mentioned courses make sure that you gain all the technical knowledge you require regarding the GST regime.


3. How do you get into a GST certification course?

Usually, a GST certification course has a very minimal requirement of a candidate having an academic background in commerce or business discipline. A humble background in law can also provide the required backdrop.


4. Is there a good job scope and demand for GST practitioners?

The entire Indian market is subject to GST thus making the scope of a GST practitioner very big and relevant with a lot of demand.

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