Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Vizag With Placements

Visakhapatnam or Vizagapatam shortly called Vizag is a city of Andhra Pradesh. Smart and most populated city of Andhra Pradesh. Another interesting fact about Vizag is that it is the 9th largest city, which contributes to India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Vizag has its own mighty history.


Here, we will discuss the ‘Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Vizag’. This article contains all the query questions about GST. So, do not miss out on any of the lines if you want to learn about GST from basic to advanced level.


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List of the best GST certification courses in Vizag


What is GST?


GST (Goods and Service Tax) is an indirect type of tax. It is the taxation of the goods or products and services we consume. The Consumer is responsible to pay GST on every product/service he/she is availing. 


Different types of taxes like manufacturing, packaging, etc – all are merged under GST. Whenever we buy a product/service we pay all the taxes that were included from the very beginning. Government charges these taxes from the business owners, companies, or service providers.


 It is a destination-based tax because the tax is imposed at the final stage. GST eases the process as a “one nation, one tax” reform. GST is a universally accepted tax regime. Though there are some exceptions too. Example: – Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included in the GST. GST came to India in July 2017.


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Types of GST


There are four types of GST you need to know about: –

1. The Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST).

2. The State Goods and Service Tax (SGST).

3. The Union Territory Goods and Service Tax (UTGST).

4. The Integrated Good and Service Tax (IGST).


GST in India And The World


Let’s have a look at the GST model in India and other countries over the globe. GST model is implemented in other countries too. India has used the term, ‘Goods and Service Tax’ while other countries have used various terms instead of GST. 


For example:- Canada used ‘Federal Goods and Service Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax’. In the UK, it is called ‘Value Added Tax’. There are minor differences in the GST model used in India and other countries.


 Let us point out some of them.


Another point to be considered is the standard rate. The Standard rate in the Indian GST model is 0% (for food), 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% (plus for luxury services). If we, talk about standard rates in Canada it is 5% and HST varies from 0% to 15%. 


In UK standard rate is 20%, reduced rates: 5% exempted, zero-rated. Singapore has 7% reduced rates, zero-rated, exempt, and a 6% standard rate in Malaysia.


Another important thing to be noted is returns and payments. In India returns and payments are monthly and one annual return. Canada returns and payments are monthly/quarterly/ annually based on the turnover. 


It is usually quarterly and annually for small businesses in the UK. It is quarterly and monthly returns in Singapore. In Malaysia, it is monthly (for large organizations).


Some services are exempted from GST due to various reasons such as public welfare, the nation’s interest, etc. In India, manufacture of exempted goods or provision of exempted services (as per the notification issued by the Indian government). 


In Canada real estate, rent (residence), financial services, charities, health, education are exempted from GST services. In UK medical, education, insurance, postal services, finance are exempted from GST services.


 Real estate, financial services, residential rent are exempted from GST services in Singapore. In Malaysia, basic food, residential property, health, transportation, agricultural land are exempted from GST services.


GST Certification Course


GST certification course provides practical knowledge of GST rules and regulations. It includes registration, applications of GST, taxation process, GST structure, valuation, composition scheme, tally, etc. 


GST opens up the opportunity of various jobs for individuals having a good knowledge of GST. Such an individual can work for business companies as a GST manager or in corporate sectors.


Eligibility Criteria for GST Certification Course


There are certain eligibility criteria required for doing GST certification courses in India. Let us have a look at them: –

● You must have citizenship in India.

● You should have basic knowledge of accounts.

● One should have logical thinking.

● Undergraduates, graduates, M. Com, MBA’s, or other candidates having an equivalent degree can enroll for GST certification courses.


Top 10 GST Certification Courses In Vizag


Many institutes and coaching centers are providing GST certification courses in Vizag. Here are, top 10 GST certification courses in Vizag.


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1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills tops the list of top GST certification courses in Vizag. Let us have a look at the key features of online GST courses provided by IIM Skills: –


GST course provided by IIM Skills.

● Four weeks of live online GST certification course classes are held.

● 16 hours of lectures, practical assignments, and learning during the course classes.

● Grab freelance opportunities with the help of the dedicated placement cell.

● Get free e-books, invoicing tools, and software.

● Certified as Master GST certification from IIM Skills.

● Fresher and students, accounting and finance professionals, business owners/ startups, and others like retired, housewives, students can enroll for the course.

● Get lifetime access to live and recorded lectures as well as all the upcoming updates.

● 24 × 7 online support from professionals.

● Learn about various GST invoicing tools, software implementation, and managing hundreds of clients.

● Exhaustive and encompassing course.

● 100% practical training.


The curriculum of GST Certification Course by IIM Skills Includes:-

● Fundamentals of GST.

● Concept of GST and its effect on the business.

● Framework and structure of GST.

● Registration under GST: criteria and process.

● Invoicing rules and regulations.

● Get knowledge about returns filling, composition scheme, Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), e-way bills, input tax credit and payment in GST, etc.

● Empower yourself with practical applications of GST.

● Interactive teaching methodologies.

● Get your doubts resolved in doubt sessions.

●       Price Details: Rs. 2900

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2. Tax Guru


 Best GST certification courses in Vizag also include Tax Guru. Key features of the GST certification course provided by Tax Guru are:-

● It provides a self-learning certification course.

● Tax Guru provides GST, income tax, and customs including import and export training.

● The course is for basic as well as advanced level.

● The syllabus includes legal aspects, major compliances, precautions to minimize disputes, amendments, etc.

● Learn about handling assessments, case studies, GST health check-ups.

● Get certified from Tax Guru Edu.


The curriculum of Tax Guru Includes:-

● Custom laws and foreign trade policies, procedures, relevant RBI guidelines, etc.

● Attend seminars and workshops.

● Get training on Direct taxes, corporate and complex Direct tax matters.

●       Price Details: 8000 + 18% GST.


3. Capital Trainers


Capital Trainers is among the top GST certification courses in Vizag. Key features of GST certification course by Capital Trainers are as follows:-

● GST certification course is offered by a team of experienced charted accountants (CA’s).

● CA, CMA, CS, B.COM, MBA students, and professionals are eligible to apply for the course.

● Get trained about GST registration, GST return filing, input tax credit, GST refunds, payment of taxes, etc.

● Learn about GST audit, GST annual returns, and e-way bills.

● 100% practical training.

● Course available in both classroom mode as well as an online training mode.

● Dedicated computer lab and assignment-based study material.


Curriculum by Capital Trainers Include:-

● Basic concepts of GST (registration and return filing.)

● GST composition scheme and audit.

● GST invoices, billing, and e-way bills.

● TDS and TCS under GST.

● Learn about payment of taxes, penalties, and legal proceedings.


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4. Udemy

Udemy is also included in the list of the top 10 GST certification courses in Vizag. Let us go ahead with the main features of the GST certification course provided by Udemy:-

● Udemy has more than 10,000 GST certification program courses.

● Among these, some are free while others are paid.

● Courses are available for all levels.

● You can check reviews before opting.

● The average time duration varies from 3 hours to 32 hours.

● Courses are available in different languages too. 


5. Institute For Accountants


Institute for Accountants; an accounting firm in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh- offers one of the best GST certification courses in Vizag. Key features of the GST certification course by the institute for accountants are as follows:-

● Aspired accountants, tax consultants, and business people can apply for the GST certification course.

● Course batches are available on both regular days as well as weekend classes (Sunday) also.

● Train about GST applicability, eligibility, registration, types of dealers.

● GST practitioner course.

● Learn about GST refunds, reverse charge mechanism, TDS on GST, e-way bills, e filing of GST, new returns Sahaj, Sugam, Normal AXN-1, AXN-2, and a lot more.


Curriculum by Institute for Accountants Include:-

● GST computations/ HSN/ SAC.

● GST documents and ledgers.

● In-depth knowledge of taxation, input tax credit, GST e-payments, interest, and penalties.

● Also, introduce yourself with e-filing of GST returns (old), GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A, GSTR- 9.

●       Price Details: Rs 2400/-.




Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is one of the ‘Top 10 GST Certification Courses In Vizag’. The key features of the GST certification course provided by ICAI are:-

● It provides a digital learning hub in which there are 232 plus certification courses.

● There are some GST certification courses too.

● There are 68+ GST certification courses available on ICAI.

● There are topic wise guides also.

● The best of them are discussed in detail below:-


A) Technical Guide on GST Audit

● Online course.

● It is an e-book containing an analysis of Form GSTR-9C and GST audits.

●       Ratings: 4.5.

● Free subscription available.


B) GST Law:

● Online course.

● It is an e-publication.

● Learn about various GST laws in India.

●       Ratings: 4.

● Free subscription available.

●       Duration: 52 weeks.


C) Handbook on Certification of Form CSR-1

● Online course.

● In-depth understanding of form CSR-1.

● Free subscription available.

●       Duration: 13 weeks.


D) Knowledge Series on Basic Of GST

● Online course.

● Prepare yourself for opportunities in the field of GST.

●       Ratings: 4.

● Free subscription available.


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ACTE is a training institute that is counted among the ‘Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Vizag’. Key features of an ACTE GST certification course are: –

● It is providing tally GST training.

● Availability of beginner as well as advanced level classes.

● Learn tally on- hands.

● Prepare yourself for the interview.

● Learn techniques in the Tally.

● Get lifetime access to the student portal.

● The student’s portal has study material, videos, interview questions.

● Curriculum designed with the help of industrial tally experts.

● Affordable fees.

● Record of 12402+ training students and 350+ recruiting clients.

● Experts delivering lectures have 9 plus years of tally experience.

● 40 plus hours of training and three-plus live projects.

● 25 plus practical assignments.

● 24 by 7 access to course material.


Curriculum by ACTE Includes:-

● Assets and liabilities.

● GST and TDS.

● Knowledge of cost control, accounting, inventory MS advanced excel.

● Introduce yourself to Tally ERP 9.

● Encounter with history of the Tally.

● Versions of the Tally.

● Feature of companies.

● Learn functions with Tally ERP 9.

● Ledgers and multiple ledgers.

● In-detail knowledge of stroke groups, stock categories, godowns, stock items.

● Generate reports in Tally ERP 9.

● Students get placed in companies like HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, TCS, CTS, Google.


8.CAClub India


CAClub India is providing the GST certification course, which is considered one of the best GST certification courses in Vizag. Key features of GST certification course provided by CAClub India in Vizag are: –

● CAClub India is providing an advanced GST certification course in weekend batches.

● Live sessions are held for the latest updates, circulars, and notifications.

● Get a certificate from the Ministry of MSME Government of India.

● It is a GST practitioner certificate course.

● 40 plus hour course. It will take approx two months to complete the course.

● 13 sessions are held. Three hours per session and four hours recorded session for real estate and GSTR-3B.

● The course will be delivered in English medium.

● E-notes will be provided a week before the live classes.

● Two practical classes are added. First practical class on GST return (GSTR-3B and GSTR1) and second practical class on GST refund.

● The exam will be mandatory to own the certificate.


Curriculum by CA Club India Includes:-

● GST basic overview, taxable event, place of supply, RCM, CGST and UTGST act, etc.

● Learn about the benefits and shortcomings of indirect tax.

● Discussion on supply without consideration, supply of goods/services, and negative list.

● Composite supply versus mixed supply.

● Registration and composition in GST, exemption from GST, amendment, and cancellation of registration.

● Practical training on taking registration, input tax credit, rate of taxes, RCM on services.

● Analysis of GTA and advocate.

● Clear concepts of claim, reversal and reclaim.

● Introduce yourself with terms like penalties, power to arrest, advance ruling, the appellate authority, inspection, search, and seizure in GST.

● Invoices, e-way bills, transactions, tax collection at source (TCS), and tax

● deduction at source (TDS).

● Practical issues and their solutions.

●       Price Details: ₹8850/-


9. VSkills


V Skills ranks among the best GST certification courses in Vizag. Let us have a look at the key features provided by VSkills in the GST certification course: –

● VSkills Provide certification by Government of India PSU.

● VSkills is India’s largest certification body.

● It is providing certifications for working professionals and has certified 50,000+ candidates.

● It is providing a certified GST professional course.

● Get online e-Learning access (LMS).

● Be benefited from a hard copy of the study material.

● Take your exam online. Anywhere and anytime.

● Be certified by the government.

● The certificate will be valid for life.

● Have lifetime access to e-Learning

● 28-hour learning course.

● Be tagged as ‘VSkills certified’ on and

● Understand the concepts of taxation and GST basics, GST administration, GST registration, GST payment, GST accounting or record-keeping, GST laws, IGST, GST in other countries.

●       Price Details: Rs.3499/-


10. Henry Harvin Education


Another one on the list of good GST certification courses in Vizag is Henry Harvin Education. Key features of the GST course by Henry Harvin Education are as follows:-

● GST practitioner certification by Henry Harvin.

● Live online GST course classes.

● Ranked in top GST courses in India.

● 100% practical GST training with nine in one course.

● One year gold- membership of live projects, internship, weekly jobs, recorded videos, brush-up sessions monthly.

● Enhance your skills by interview and career services sessions.

● 24*7 support and access to study material.

● The syllabus covers trending topics.

● Learn from the experts of notable platforms.


Course Curriculum 

● Supply, place value of supply.

● Learn about export and import, e-way bills, registration, input tax credit, job work, and a lot more.

● In-depth knowledge of ITC04, transitional provisions, invoices, and tax payments.

● Time of supply, returns, refunds, accounts, and records are also included in the curriculum.

● In addition, get to know about litigation management, audit, and assessment, offenses and penalties, demand and recovery.

● Two complimentary modules of soft skill development and resume writing.

●       Price Details: Rs 12500/- (No cost EMI.)


Frequently Asked Questions:


Ques: Why should one opt for GST certification courses?

Ans: GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a new system of taxation which is introduced by the Government of India to merge all taxes and adopt the ideology of one nation, one tax. So, if you opt for a GST certification course then you can have a good in-depth knowledge of GST. You can become a professional worker in the field of GST.


Ques: Who is eligible to pursue a GST certification course?

Ans: Accounting professionals, students studying finances, tax consultants, business professionals or individuals, students pursuing CA, CMA, CS, B. Com, MBA are eligible for GST certification course.


Ques: What are the job opportunities after completing a GST certification course?

Ans: After completion of a GST certification course one gets hired by industries, corporates as account maintainer, account executive, account manager. If you are highly knowledgeable and eligible then you can be hired as a charted accountant.



So, this was all about the GST certification courses in Vizag. You should try one of these courses and upgrade yourself with one more certificate and a lot more opportunities. Open the doors of employment and get certified. 


Take your decision wisely and choose the apt course from the above list. Do not forget to share your experience with us because at last, your experience matters to us a lot. Give your feedback, reviews down in the comment section, and of course your doubts too. Share it with your friends and family. Spread knowledge and positivity.


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