Top 11 Free Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

Do you want to discover ways to write an essay, ebook, poem, or article but are not sure precisely where to start? possibly you need to jot down a killer weblog submit without completely relying on Grammarly? Well, that is the guide for you! In this guide, We have rounded up some of the exceptional free online creative writing courses for beginners which can be of terrific and all ability levels. This means that you can analyze at your very own pace without paying a single dime for the best online courses even as studying the writing process!


List of best free creative writing courses for beginners


While each of the below free online creative writing courses for beginners is unique from each other, everyone supplies fantastic insights on a way to be a master of the craft and even a freelance creator, allow to start on your street to a bestseller!


Top 11 First-Rate Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners!


1. Crafting Non-Public Essays with Impact (Skillshare)


Innovative Writing: Crafting Private Essays with Effect


Have you acquired a masterpiece to your thoughts but are not certain the way to paint it on paper? Nicely, this is your direction! Your trainer for this magnificence is a great-selling writer and editor Roxanne homosexual who has written for primary courses inclusive of the big apple times, Dexter, and marvel.


Within the one hour of on-demand video training, you may cover subjects like choosing your key thoughts, gaining knowledge of the difficulty, and writing your first draft. This direction will also encourage you, providing you with the tools to transform your mind into a readable private essay.


Take yourself critically and give your ideas a real voice. Being hosted on Skillshare, customers can take this course free on a 1-month free trial.


  • 1-hour on-call for video
  • Taught with the aid of a successful writer
  • Consists of editor insights
  • Downloadable sources consisting of FAQs
  • Magnificence initiatives
  • Spark off unfastened Skillshare Trial


Here is a Beginners Guide to Creative Writing


2. Create Successful Writing Behaviour (Skillshare)


Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Effect


Following up on the listing is fantastic to find one of the free online creative writing courses for beginners that aims to teach you a number of the fundamentals of engaging and impactful writing. From mastering these capabilities, you’ll be able to apply them to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, copywriting, and creative nonfiction, and the listing is going on!


To provide you with equipment and train you on a way to use them, high-quality-promoting writer and screenwriter Simon Van Booy will show you 6 vital steps to turning into a super writer. The stairs are:


  •  Make your space
  •  Find your medium 
  • Read inspiring works
  • Set your conditions
  • Persist with an ordinary
  • Sketch to live stimulated. 


What these 6 matters all mean and how they observe your writing is what the 38 minutes of on-call video will train that is a superb direction for anybody desiring to be an author as well as set up writers wishing to hone their capabilities to a better excellent stage. Being hosted in Skillshare, this direction is completely unfastened!


  • Beginner stage
  • 38 mins on-demand video
  • Hooked up and a successful writer is an instructor
  • Class tasks
  • 15,000 college students enrolled
  • An online community to sign up for
  • Spark off a free Skillshare Trial


3. Writing for Online Engagement (Skillshare)


Writing for Online Engagement: Fiction in a Virtual World


Transferring on is one of the other first-rate free online creative writing courses for beginners that is taught by using Rebecca Sky in this 1 ¼ hour elegance on fiction writing in a digital age. Rebecca is a writer of YA fiction and has also written for corporations consisting of Paramount, Sony, Microsoft, Lay’s, and Kraft.


Some of the core modules included on this path are writing capabilities, plot info, finding a target market, advertising, innovative strategies, and greater! So in case, your purpose is to grow to be a successful writer of fiction and maybe even to post your tales yourself, this instruction concerning online engagement is a fantastic magnificence to take.


It’s now not just for beginners, any stage of a writer wanting to higher their talents also can take plenty from this magnificence. Average, a thrilling route for those looking to submit online via a weblog or news website.


• All degrees

• 1 hour 8 minutes

• posted creator teacher

• focused on fiction writers

• Covers self-publishing and promoting

• 8,000 students enrolled


4. Writing Articles (LinkedIn gaining knowledge of/ Lynda)


Writing Articles


Up subsequent is an incredible masterclass from LinkedIn mastering free online creative writing courses for beginners (previously Lynda) that helps you to write accurate, engaging, and thrilling articles for businesses. whilst this course is extra intermediate, it’s far still an extraordinarily useful resource for entire novices also.


Teacher Tom Geller is the author of technology-focused articles and a trainer for conversation skills inside the administrative center. His class is simply under an hour and covers all the basics you want to realize to get commenced. This direction begins out by using displaying how to discover assignments, then moves directly to the research wished for informative articles.


From there, he stocks a great way to behavior an interview for an article, and then the way to wrap all of it up. With all LinkedIn mastering directions, there is a certificate of entirety available once completed. Like Skillshare, LinkedIn gaining knowledge affords a free trial so that you can take this route for no charge in any way! To study more, test out my LinkedIn learning Vs Lynda guide.


  • All stages
  • 53 minutes
  • Specializes in enterprise and commercial enterprise article writing
  • Expert creator trainer
  • Exercise Files
  • With certification


Find here the effective Creative Writing Tips 


5. Innovative Writing for All: a 10-Day Journaling Assignment (Skillshare)


Innovative Writing for All: a ten-Day Journaling task


One of the worst matters any writer may additionally need to cope with is author’s block. fortuitously, this free online creative writing courses for beginners will display to you how to take the offensive in opposition to that hassle, ensuring it in no way happens in the first location.


Author and editor Emily Gould lead this short collection of classes that courses you into a mindset of creativity. If you commit to writing for 10 mins for 10 days in a row, you’ll be able to position her thoughts into exercise which makes this an exceptionally actionable course. Even though this direction isn’t for each person, it can be ideal for the ones in the early levels of writing who are hitting writing blocks.


  • Amateur stage
  • 26 mins
  • A published writer and operating editor as a teacher
  • Elegance challenge
  • Downloadable sources
  • 19,000 college students enrolled


6. English Writing Competencies (Alison)


English Writing Competencies


Expressing yourself certainly is crucial for enticing humans with your writing. In case you don’t communicate the idea well, the article, story, or commercial is not going to do the job you desired it to do. There’s more to writing than simply knowing what phrases to apply and a way to punctuate nicely.


There are also positive styles of writing that lend themselves to be higher for one reason or every other. You write one way for suspense fiction another manner for comedy. Commands and informative articles use more exclusive styles than poetry or inspirational portions. The path takes about 3 hours, has assessments, and a certificate of completion is available. 


Over 124,000 students have taken this elegance. The instructors are all professionals in their fields and are licensed to be trainers at the Alison online gaining knowledge of the platform. Whilst deciding on what unfastened online writing path for novices to take, this is a good one to observe.


  • Newbie to intermediate stage
  • Three hours
  • Course tests
  • Expert instructors
  • 124,000 students enrolled
  • Certificate completion to be had


7. Mystery Sauce of High-Quality Writing (Udemy)


Mystery Sauce of Notable Writing


What makes for the right BBQ? “The secret’s within the sauce!” the name of the game sauce of superb writing is observed in this forty-two-minute direction detailing the 4 elements of elite writing. Those substances are simplicity, readability, beauty, and evocativeness. Positioned the ones into practice and your writing will truly advantage.


The teacher Shani Raja is a former editor for Wall street magazine. He consists of writing free online creative writing courses for beginner sporting activities in lesson education. It’s 45 minutes of on-demand video and online resources are covered. You could dive deeper with our journalism course opinions as properly.


The techniques of right writing are taught in these magnificent paintings while writing commercial enterprise compositions, personal blogs, fiction, or poetry and prose. These identical strategies also are effective for editing your very own paintings earlier than turning them over to an ebook or editor.


  • Intermediate degree
  • 45 minutes of on-demand video education
  • Professional author teacher
  • Includes writing physical games
  • 126,000 college students
  • Certificates crowning glory


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8. A Way to Write Stories That Thrill in Any Genre (Skillshare)


Writing Suspense: A Way to Write Tales That Thrill in Any Style


Award-triumphing novel, short tale, and wonder creator Benjamin Percy is a grasp of writing thriller and suspense fiction. The preparation for this intermediate degree class is designed as a free online creative writing course for beginners of fiction but it holds up as a desirable exercise for any form of writing.


If you need your readers to cling directly to every word and be eager for more, you’ll want to take note of the hints and tricks taught on this path. there is no better way to analyze novel writing!


Some of the things mentioned are developing an attainable plot, controlling what the reader is aware of, constructing plausible man or woman improvement, and mixing emotional content material with the suspense narrative.


  • Intermediate degree
  • 1 hour sixteen mins
  • Award-winning writer trainer
  • Class tasks
  • Mystery and suspense genre
  • On-line assets


9. Writing with Effect (LinkedIn mastering)


Writing With Effect


The cause of this course is to expose free online creative writing courses for beginners on how to write with purpose for whatever the challenge, genre, or audience is. A concept taught inside the instructions is that there is no such element as standard exact writing. What you are doing, you need to target your audience.


Grammar and sentence shape are essential, but there are diffused nuances that you may learn how to perceive and enforce after completing this preparation. You’ll examine the desires “write short, write clean, and write properly.” You may learn how to make lengthy paragraphs less difficult to study and the way to successfully employ shorter paragraphs and green word desire.


The teacher is Tom Geller, a longtime expert and licensed for being a teacher at LinkedIn learning. With this route, you get greater resources, chapter quizzes, and a certificate finishing touch.


  • Intermediate stage
  • 1 hour on call for video
  • Qualifies for continuing training gadgets
  • Bankruptcy quizzes
  • Expert writer instructor
  • Certificate finishing touch


10. Essay Essentials: Enhance your Educational Writing (Udemy)


Essay necessities: enhance Your education Writing


Academic writing is a distinctive type of writing that lots of us are used to. Some particular rules need to be accompanied for maximum essays in this writing workshop. You’ll examine free online creative writing courses for beginners strategies beneficial for either excessive college or collegiate degree essay writing.


Included within the training are writing physical games, bankruptcy quizzes, and a downloadable essay guide. You may additionally find out about using the resources in your classroom or college library, what approach to achieve effective revising, and the way to correctly edit.


Concepts regarding paragraphs for creation, conclusions, and the frame of the essay are discussed as nicely. The instructor is Andrew Sippie, an English composition instructor who teaches. He has a specialization in teaching in school rooms and online for numerous years as a college professor, bringing his talents and revel in (and Master’s degree) to the Udemy online and getting to know the platform.


  • Novice level (self-paced)
  • 1 hour on call for video
  • Taught via university professor
  • Concentrates on educational essays
  • Downloadable sources
  • Certificate of the entirety


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11. Writing Ad Copy (LinkedIn learning)


Writing advert replica

Marketing is one of the hardest genres of writing. It seems so easy, just inform what it is or does in some short phrases. but which words? That’s vitally vital information to dispense. Advert reproduction isn’t restrained to the published web page, but also as business scripts.


As for revealed words, media varies from blogs to emails to social media. This class helps you find free online creative writing courses for beginners an exceptional way to get your thoughts throughout in the high-quality manner possible. Michael Duquet is the teacher for this route. He’s an advertising director for a line pastime for a software program employer and has years of ad replica writing revel in.


  • Intermediate degree
  • 1 hour 7 mins
  • Precise statistics for advertising writing
  • The marketing director is the instructor
  • Qualifies for continuing education units
  • Certificate finishing touch


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How can I enhance my writing competencies online without spending a dime?

Improve your writing competencies with 4 free online guides

  • English Grammar & Essay Writing. College of California, Berkeley
  • English for newshounds: Key principles
  • English for newshounds: Free Speech and Media tendencies
  • English Composition


Q2. How do you come to be a novice creator?

Eight recommendations for turning into a higher writer

One of the maximum critical activities to grow to be a better creator is 

  • Honestly to read
  • Decide to a habitual
  • Use writing sports
  • Preserve a journal
  • Join a writing group
  • Practice distinct varieties of writing
  • Do your research
  • Take classes


Q3. Why do have to I analyze innovative writing?

Everyone who engages in creative writing, regardless of the genre or fashion, enables us to explore the human experience, proportion new thoughts, and suggest a higher society. whether or not you write your stories for yourself or share them with a huge audience, creative writing makes the world a better location.


Q4. What are the five writing skills?

The five styles of writing patterns and why you must master each

  • Narrative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Creative writing


Q5. What sporting events can do to improve my writing skills?

6 exercises to enhance Your Writing abilities

  • Strive for freewriting.
  • Build on a random sentence
  • Study different writing
  • Edit every other’s work
  • Make a manual
  • People watch




Greater goes into writing than simply being talkative. Those free online creative writing courses for beginners will display you a way to create a story and how to engage human beings’ pastimes. You could be writing advert copy for an online store, a term paper for school, a quick story for the book, an enterprise thought to your process or an inspirational poem for someone you love. All of those situations and greater can be intricate to get right. It doesn’t need to be tough, though. Writing can be amusing and profitable. Those instructions provide the precious schooling you want intending to talk with skill and panache. So, enroll in one of these free online creative writing courses for beginners.

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