8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow With Placements

If you are exploring the options for the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow, then we have got you covered here. This article not only briefs you about the Digital marketing industry but also unwinds the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow that you can take up to kick start your career in the domain.


Updated listings of Digital marketing courses in Lucknow


The use of the internet has tremendously increased and the consumption of digital media in the form of blogs and videos is easily available and can be seen and experienced on laptops, computers, and mobile devices. Smart TVs are not far behind. With all of this marketing, a product or service has a new way to market. It’s a digital one and it’s very effective nowadays. Companies are very keen on digital marketing and universally, they are adopting it.


However, the traditional way of marketing is still available. The approach to digital marketing is huge. Let’s see what marketing is and its ways of doing it, and how effective digital marketing can be to have a great opportunity for your future endeavors with the list of digital marketing courses in Lucknow.


What is Marketing?


Marketing is the process through which a business advances the purchase or sale of a product, service, or goods. It is one of the most important aspects of trade and business. Marketers can target other firms or consumers directly with their goods and services.


A career in marketing needs a channel through which we can have better opportunities. This article will tell you about digital marketing courses in Lucknow.


What Are the Advantages of Marketing?


The promotion of a product or a service consists of many ways to do it. All the ways represent marketing. Marketing is a way of searching for the right customer with an interest in the services and goods offered by the company. It helps to build a strong relationship and value between the company and its customers.


The following are the advantages of marketing:

  • Expand the size of the product and service market.
  • It accelerates business progress.
  • It creates job opportunities and employment.
  • Marketing provides satisfaction to customers.
  • Marketing increases brand recognition.


What is Conventional Marketing?


Conventional or Traditional marketing refers to marketing techniques that do not require the use of the internet. These are methods that have been around for decades, but now they are less commonly used. They do, however, have some advantages.


The following are some examples of traditional market methods:

  • Postcards, coupons, and informational packets were mailed directly to customers.
  • Commercials on television or radio
  • Advertisements in newspapers or magazines
  • Flyers and billboards
  • Calls and text message notifications

Many of these commercials are visible and audible every day such as listening to the radio on our way to work or gazing out the window at billboards as we drive past. They’ve become ingrained in our culture.


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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is the publicity of products and services on the internet by using electronic media to acquire the targeted customer and audience. Marketing experts are exploring new ways of traditional marketing so they can have an impact on their customers and businesses.


Like publication, print, TV, radio, etc., traditional marketing was available before the 90s. At that time, people had no introduction to the internet as much as they have now so Internet can be used for marketing strategies.


The following are some examples of common digital marketing techniques:

  • Content on the website
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing with content
  • Posts on social media
  • Advertisements that can be clicked
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO stands for search engine optimization (SEO).


Which is the better option- Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is, for the most part, the best option. If you want to target a specific set of individuals at a low cost, digital marketing is the way to go. You will be able to collect information about your audience right away, allowing you to create even more effective marketing campaigns.


On the other hand, traditional marketing has a place. Traditional marketing approaches may be more effective and stand out than digital marketing methods if you want to attract an older or local audience. Even though these methods appear, they have remained in use for a reason, despite being “old.” They’re effective!


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Why is Digital Marketing important?


Digital marketing is a must-skill for people who want to build their online presence or need the same for their company or start-up. This type of marketing is necessary for creating brand awareness and spreading information about products and services. With this skill, a company can find customers easily and vice versa. The digital marketing courses in Lucknow will help you find the right course for you.


  • As our government took the initiative of digitalization in India, the awareness and use of the internet have aggressively increased. With this, planning, executing, and monitoring marketing work is easier.
  • Organizations need a digital marketer who can give them ideas, promote the product, and plan the best and most functional digital marketing plan.
  • Digital marketing as an industry has shown a huge potential for employment as communication channels are increasing. This industry’s demand is also on the rise.
  • Digital marketing professionals have a somewhat better career outlook than the average profession. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, job demand in the marketing profession as a whole is expected to grow by 10% by 2026. This rise is higher than the national average for all occupations. The digital marketing courses in Lucknow will help you to be a part of it.


Digital marketing targets the online customer and the customer who requires the necessary thing they are looking for on the internet. So, your interests and searches on the internet express your requirements and, from that, you will get a list of products and services in the form of ads, posts, videos, etc.


Why consider Digital Marketing as a career?


Let’s see why you should consider this as a career. The digital marketing courses in Lucknow will give you an outline about the same.


  • Career opportunities in Digital Marketing are on an uptrend as nearly all companies want to have a presence online.
  • Digital Marketing courses are enough to get a job or have career opportunities as there are not exact and many criteria constraints for bachelor and master’s degrees.
  • If you are a really interested person in this segment, this could be your fortune. Also, your enthusiasm will be at a higher level.
  • Digital marketing can be done from anywhere. This can be so helpful for those who are looking to work from home.
  • Part-time work can also be done in this segment as many organizations offer internships and task-based stipends.
  • If you complete the course, you can become a freelancer and even start your own agency.


What are the responsibilities and roles of digital marketers?


Do you want to work in the enthralling field of digital marketing and stay ahead? After completion of the Digital marketing courses in Lucknow or anywhere else you need to understand the roles and responsibilities to enhance yourself.


Job roles and their salaries after completion of the Digital marketing courses in Lucknow:


  1. Digital Marketing Analyst:


Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have infiltrated almost every industry, including digital marketing. This field is ripe for professionals skilled at analytics, with an emerging focus on customer data and personalization to drive sales, delight customers, and cut costs.


A digital marketing analyst’s job entails conducting market research, identifying online marketing trends, and extracting value from customer data to develop strategies that align with the company’s objectives. The average salary for a digital marketing analyst in India is Rs.4 lakhs per annum.


  1. Content Strategist:


As nearly every level of marketing these days requires content in some form or another, content is an integral part of the digital strategy for all types of businesses. After all, buyers consume content, and brands compete for it. The digital marketing courses in Lucknow will teach the most in content writing.


Content strategists not only have the ability to create compelling content on their own, but they also manage teams of writers, develop editorial calendars, contribute to online campaigns, use analytics to determine campaign effectiveness, and more. The average income for a content strategist in India is Rs.5 lakhs per year.


  1. E-commerce Marketing Specialists:


These specialists are responsible for overseeing the construction and upkeep of e-commerce websites and portals to increase sales and revenue. Establishing standards for product and content management, collaborating with sales and marketing teams, and identifying growth prospects using web analytics, among other things, are all part of their responsibilities. The average income for a content strategist in India is Rs.6 lakhs per year.


  1. Social Media Manager (SMM):


Businesses hire social media managers to assist them with reaching out to fans and followers on social media platforms to develop traction and increase income. Social media managers are not only well compensated, but they also have the ability to quickly advance up the corporate ladder to roles such as communications manager. The average salary for a digital marketing analyst in India is Rs.5.5 lakhs per annum.


  1. Pay-Per-Click Analyst:


Companies focus on stretching their boundaries and attempting sponsored advertising after achieving organic outcomes. You’ll need a solid understanding of campaign creation as well as the psychology behind each meaningful click. This will help you land a job as a PPC Analyst at a top firm. The average salary for a digital marketing analyst in India is Rs.3.5 to 5 lakhs per annum.


  1. Digital Marketing Specialist:


An SEO specialist intends to get clients to rank high in search results to increase traffic to a website using both organic and paid methods. Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow have put a major focus on SEO in their curriculum.


Digital marketing experts and SEO specialists are among the highest-paid professionals in this sector. One reason is that search engine algorithms and recommended practices change more frequently than seasons. Staying on top of these changes necessitates continuous learning and keeping up with trends while producing outcomes.


The average salary for a digital marketing analyst in India is Rs.5 to 7 lakhs per annum. Including the listed roles above, you can acquire many other roles after completion of the Digital marketing courses in Lucknow. So good luck with that.


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Which is the best digital marketing course?


There are many digital marketing courses available to choose from the directory, but here we suggest the best digital marketing courses you can take to boost your career. The outline, execution, and support are better than others in the market, so you can easily understand the depth of digital marketing.


Syllabus of Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow consists of:


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Introduction to CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Competitor and Website Analysis
  • Market Research & Niche Potential
  • Content Creation, Management & Promotion
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Budgeting, Planning & Forecast
  • Digital Marketing Project Management
  • Product Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website Data Analytics
  • Paid Ads Optimization Strategies
  • Neuro-Marketing Fundamentals


*Institutes can add up or modify the course content according to their course structures*

Let’s see the best Digital marketing courses as follow (included offline and online):


8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow:


There are many digital marketing courses available to choose from the directory, but here we suggest the best digital marketing courses you can take to boost your career.


  1. Digital Marketing Course, IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is one of the most well-known and reputable institutes in the country, with a long history of providing digital marketing and related courses. The institution has been operating for the past six years and has consistently provided excellent instruction to pupils.


Master Digital Marketing Course consists:

  • 180 Hours of Comprehensive Live Training
  • 15+ Live Projects & 10+ Case Studies
  • 3 Months Program & Tools Worth INR 79000+
  • Master 40 Digital Marketing Modules
  • After completion, Master Certification from IIM Skills


You can check the Syllabus and Topics covered by IIM Skills here, but what is special about IIM Skills is the highlights they are offering apart from the syllabus.



IIM Skills has been providing courses and training in digital marketing and related topics for the past 6 years. This university has produced some fantastic results in the last six years with its syllabus plus highlights structure from which you get a fully developed curriculum. With the Syllabus of the Master Digital Marketing Course, there is much more we can get here.


Highlights of the course:


  • 3 Months Guaranteed Internship.
  • Launch Your Digital Marketing Agency.
  • First Blog for Times of India.
  • Letter of Recommendation + Certification.
  • 300+ Placement Partners For Interview Support.
  • Personalized Mentorship For Career & Businesses.
  • Your Podcast with Apple, Google, etc.
  • Youtube Channel & Affiliate Marketing.


IIM Skills Brand Partners

IIM Skills brand partners


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills Digital marketing course review


Website: IIM Skills


  1. Google Digital Marketing Courses:


Google offers a free online course platform (Digital Garage) on a variety of topics relating to career and company growth. Digital Marketing is one of the topics that is thoroughly discussed. Google has many courses in Digital marketing that not just provides you with superior knowledge about online marketing, but also provides you with a certification that helps you grow financially


  1. Pro Digital Marketing Course, Digitrend:


Digitrend, which was founded in 2014, is one of Lucknow’s premier digital marketing colleges, providing applicants with high-quality training. The institute has a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of digital marketing and offers a variety of courses for students, professionals, individuals, and others.


IIM SKILLS Lucknow DM Course Invite


  1. Digital Marketing Course, Lucknow Digital Marketing Academy (LKODMA):


LKODMA is another well-known digital marketing training institute that has gained the confidence of its students. The training provided by faculties is highly effective and covers all of the fundamental components of digital marketing. Candidates who have worked on real-world initiatives have a better understanding of the topic. This is one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow.


  1. Semrush Academy:


Semrush is the creator of one of the most popular digital marketing products on the market. They’ve built an academy with many free digital marketing courses to better serve their users and viewers. They cover both basic and advanced principles, and although some are dedicated to using Semrush, others address broad topics such as SEO basics, PPC fundamentals, technical SEO, and social media marketing.


  1. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses:


HubSpot Digital Academy is also a very good platform for learning digital marketing online and getting accredited by a reputable organization. HubSpot is a renowned digital marketing company that offers a variety of solutions like CRM, SEO tools, content marketing, and sales. They also offer several non-certification courses on topics such as SEO, blogging, Facebook ads, and other online marketing platforms.


  1. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist:


The digital marketing specialist program by Simplilearn is another popular course that satisfies the inquisitive minds of learners. The course walks you through the aspects of digital marketing to prepare you for a job. What sets Simplilearn distinct from the competition is that it focuses less on lecturing and more on providing learners with hands-on experience.


  1. Udemy Digital Marketing Course:


A popular online learning platform is Udemy. They offer classes on a variety of topics like SEO to Google Ads and Sales, and they cover all aspects of marketing. The course is not free, although it includes a digital marketing certification. The cost varies, but if you wait long enough, you can buy it for less. With Udemy, you can add the course to your wish list and wait for the discount period.


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 Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Which course is best for digital marketing?
  • IIM Skills is currently the best institution that provides you with all the requisite knowledge about digital marketing.


  1. Which course is the best certification course in digital marketing?
  • IIM Skills provides the learners with the best experience of online classes and also with a course completion certificate. This is a well-acclaimed institution in India and abroad.


  1. Is digital marketing easy?
  • It depends on you. If you are a fast learner then you will learn the basic methods and techniques of marketing within a short period of time.


Hope you like this article on the Digital marketing courses in Lucknow also added a handful of knowledge of Digital Marketing. Thanks for reading.

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