Top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai With Placements

If you google the best city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai will come first. Chennai holds a prominent place in India when it comes to cultural and economical aspects. It is also known as the ‘Detroit of Asia’ because many automobile giants have manufacturing units in Chennai. Fun fact it is on the list of the top 10 manufacturing car centers of the world. A city where manufacturing is among the key economic activities. Digital Marketing is the perfect skill to learn. Let’s explore top digital marketing courses in Chennai.


List of digital marketing courses in Chennai


Explore Digital Marketing:



Have you heard this iconic line, “Sell me This Pen”? It is in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This line signifies the importance of marketing, in simple language, marketing means to sell something by engaging the target, potential customers. If this same thing is done digitally it is known as Digital Marketing.


Brands try to communicate with their customers through marketing. Do you remember the time when salesmen used to come to your house and sell products like kitchenware, weight losing equipment, and many more things? Well, you don’t see them now, where did they go? The Internet takes its place. Now marketing has become digital because of the internet. That’s why digital marketing is also known as Internet Marketing.


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  • Why is it important?


We all can agree on the point that we are living in the age of the internet. We are hooked to the web for nearly everything. The main reason for this dependence is that it saves our time and helps us know about expensive things before the internet. Common people become dependent on the internet, but brands, companies, and businesses use it for marketing their products & services.


Since it is the age of the internet everything is digitally done marketing also done through digital platforms. Digital marketing helps businesses to reach out to a large number of audiences and it also helps them to connect to its customer personally. If you connect with your audience personally, then only you can create your brand loyalty.


  • Types of Digital Marketing Jobs.


Marketing is important for any business and company because if you don’t tell people what your product & services are, how will you grow. But, if you master the skill of Digital Marketing, then don’t worry. And let me assure you there is a lot of money you can make from this field. The only thing that you have to do is work hard.


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Digital Marketing Jobs


1.Content Manager- With the name of the job, it is clear that you have to manage the content. The content manager is responsible for creating the brand presence online. He has to maintain content on the website and make it more appealing. He has to develop marketing strategies, check the growth of the business. He is also the leader of the content team. The most important work he has to do is that content should be SEO-friendly. To learn the techniques you can join the digital marketing courses in Chennai.


2. UX Designer- Full form of UX is User Experience. It is one of the most important things for any business because if the user doesn’t like the product, what is the need to make such a product. In very simple words UX means, what is the experience of the user after using the product. This Ux helps businesses know what type of products and features they have to add to make UX better.


3. Email Marketing- Have you ever noticed that brands mail in your mailbox offering you discounts telling you about sales and offers. Yes, it is also part of marketing and is known as email marketing. It is very user-oriented because the mail you receive offering discounts is according to your needs and wishes. The person who is specialized in email marketing also knows copywriting and editing. The main reason for doing this type of marketing is that it generates leads.


4. AI Specialist and Analyst- AI (Artificial Intelligence), the hottest field today’s time, will be in the future because we live in a world of IoT (Internet of things). So, brands and businesses are looking to use AI in marketing, but they are still figuring out how to use such advanced technology. Analysts are required to analyze the market and trends so that the marketing team can design marketing strategies accordingly. It is no easy job. A lot of graphs, research surveys and study is required to analyze the market in today’s world. However, it must is one of the opportunities worth considering and learning digital marketing.


5. SEO/SEM Specialist- You must know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is important for content writers so that their content can rank. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) work ensures that whenever their TG (Target Group or audiences) looks for the product, their optimization comes on top. That is something similar to SEO, right? If your marketing is not SEM friendly, people will not know about your product and services, and eventually, your business will not grow. They are also responsible for the paid advertising.


6. Digital Media Managers- Digital media manager is one of the most lucrative job opportunities and worth considering as a digital marketer. They are responsible for developing and launching marketing campaigns on digital platforms. They are the ones who are responsible for maintaining the presence of brands online. They check and oversee content created for marketing purposes. Media managers analyze everything; they check clients’ performance on various platforms and design strategies accordingly. Their key task is to promote brands and bring traffic to websites. They work closely with the content creators, copywriters, and other marketing team members to create brand awareness.


IIM SKILLS Chennai DM Course Invite


  • Top Institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai:


There are plenty of institutes that offer digital marketing courses. But, I will tell you about the best and reputed institutes which offer digital marketing courses. Here is the list:


  1. IIM Skills-


IIM Skills is one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses in Chennai. They are known for the excellence and relationship they build with their students throughout the course. You must now know that digital marketing is a technical and very delicate thing, their priority is to give everyone personal attention. They will take you from beginner to master, and that’s why the name of their course is Digital Marketing Course


  • Course Duration: 5 Months
  • Fees: 34,900+18% GST


Key Features of Course:

The features that make them one of the top digital marketing courses in Chennai are:

  • 180 hours of live online training
  • 15+ projects and case studies
  • Tools worth Rs.79000
  • Certification from IIM Skills and get yourself prepared for 13 other certificates.
  • Lifetime Access of LMS (Learning Management System)
  • 3 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Write your First Blog Times Of India
  • Receive Letter Of Recommendation and Certificate
  • Support for job placement and interview
  • Chance to launch your podcast with google, apple, and Spotify
  • Launch your youtube channel and start Affiliate Marketing.



Why Choose IIM Skills?

IIM Skills is a global leader in providing professional courses, and they are not limited to digital marketing. They also offer Content writing, GST courses. They are experienced in what they do and understand the needs of the marketing industry so they have designed the entire course accordingly. Learn what is freelancing and what are the prospects of a freelance digital marketing business today.


IIM Skills has tie-ups with 


IIM Skills brand partners


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills Digital marketing course review


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2. Simplilearn-


According to the Search Engine Journal, Simplilearn offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Chennai. They are content partners with Harvard Business Publishing. They grind you in a way so that you can become industry-ready by learning from the industry experts. You will also get a chance to attend classes from Facebook teams.


    • Course Duration: 12 Months
    • Fees: 59999/- with No cost EMI at 4999/- month


Key Features of course

  • Masterclasses from Facebook and AMAs
  • Interactive classes from industry experts
  • 200+ Hours of online learning
  • Get 5 more certifications from Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot, and Hootsuite.
  • 45+ Projects and case studies
  • OMCP(Online Marketing Certified Professional) certificate



  • Content Marketing, SEO, Digital Analytics, and PPC
  • Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Digital Strategy
  • Advanced web Analytics
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced PPC Program
  • Advanced Social Media and Facebook Blueprint Voucher ● Digital Marketing Case Studies


Why choose Simplilearn?


I know you are worried after seeing the figure of Rs. 59999. It is expensive, industry experts teach the course, and many of you will be skeptical before you enroll with them, and it is a lot for online classes. But believe me, you can get back this figure once you complete your training and start to earn. More than 40 training organizations have also recognized SimpliLearn in providing professional certification courses.


They have the best teachers who are also industry experts and professionals in the field of Digital Marketing. So if you want my opinion on whether to consider SimpliLearn or not, it is an option worth considering. If you have a zeal for learning, then don’t make money an obstruction in your learning. Once you land a job, you can easily make more than what you paid for the training.


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3. Henry Harvin-


Henry Harvin is another reputed institute that offers digital marketing courses in Chennai. They have structured the entire course keeping in mind the needs of today’s marketing industry. The course is taught by industry experts by paying more attention to students. Not only this, they provide many benefits to their students.


    • Course Duration: 32 hours of online training
    • Fees: 12500


Key Features of Course:

  • Get 7 certification
  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Get access to 1-year Membership of Henry Harvin Marketing Academy
  • Live Projects during Training
  • Learn Dozens of Marketing Approaches
  • Learn how to make your brand identity and visibility
  • Learn Social media marketing tips
  • Understand how to save cost on marketing
  • 100% Guaranteed Internship
  • 100% Assistance in Job placement
  • Brush up sessions
  • Lifetime Access to LMS
  • Get Opportunities to work with Renowned Brands


Why choose Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin is among the best institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Chennai. They understand the needs of the market and help you to become a professional marketer. In addition, they will train you in all the skills required to become successful in Digital Marketing.


IIM SKILLS Chennai DM Course Invite


Frequently Asked Questions:


I know you guys still have doubts about the Digital Marketing courses. So here is the list of most frequently asked questions, and I am sure this will help you clear all your doubts, and you will be able to make the decisions.


Q1. Why are Digital Marketing courses in Chennai expensive?


Ans. The core reason for these courses to be expensive is the demand. And it is the economic principle that the more demand, the higher the price. Another reason for the course being expensive is that there’s a lot to teach like tools, techniques, tricks, and more technical things. So, it makes this course one of the most expensive courses in the market.


Q2. Are there any prerequisites to find out digital marketing?

Ans. Well, there are no prerequisites to learn digital marketing other than being hardworking. The institutes which you will choose to enroll yourself in will start everything from scratch. So don’t worry about having any prior knowledge of the Marketing field.


Q3. Which is the best institute to learn Digital Marketing courses in Chennai?

Ans. It is difficult to tell which is the best institute because everyone is unique and best in their way. However, IIM Skills is surely the best choice to learn the ABC of digital marketing at pocket-friendly prices. The faculty is experienced and takes interactive sessions to make you imbibe every concept in detail.


Q4. What is the duration of the Digital Marketing courses in Chennai?

Ans. This thing varies from institute to institute. Some offer 3 months courses; some offer 12 months courses. You can choose consistently to your convenience.


Q5. What about the job placement?

Ans. Digital Marketing is growing day by day, and it is the backbone for any brand or business. No brand or business can survive in the market without marketing. So you can easily land a job if you have the required skill and patience. These institutes offer 100% placement assistance.


Q6. Will the digital marketing certificate hold any value in the market?

Ans. Yes, certificates hold value, but it majorly depends on the institutes from where you have completed the course because it is a matter of recognition. All the institutes mentioned above provide digital marketing courses, and everyone in the marketing market recognizes their certificates. Therefore, all three institutes are recognized and provide an excellent learning experience that will only help you grow and become a professional in the field of marketing.


Final Say:


We have talked about digital marketing, some jobs around it, and top digital marketing institutes. Now let’s talk some more about this digital marketing course. See, digital marketing is one of the expensive courses available in the market for you to do. I know that you are thinking right now, is it worth paying that much money to learn a skill. It is like a long-term investment; we invest in property and gold for long-term benefits.


The same is the case when it comes to learning a course or a skill that seems expensive. But if you choose to learn digital marketing and are ready to pay, you are making a great decision because this field will help you earn 10 times more than what you invest in while learning the course or skill. Digital Marketing is the most lucrative field you can find in today’s world. Whether students, homemakers, dropouts, college students, or even entrepreneurs anyone can learn digital marketing because the institutes mentioned above teach everything from scratch.

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  • September 2, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Hello, this is a very informative and crisp blog. I want to learn more about Digital Marketing as I want to take up this course. I like the IIM SKILLS course and would love to know more about it.
    I am a commerce student. I finished my and was hoping to start my career here.
    Please help me out with the details.
    Thank you.
    Name: Gaurav Sharma

  • September 6, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    Hello, Gaurav . I am glad that this information is helping you. See you are from commerce background so it is easy for you to grasp things in digital marketing field. IIm skills is a very good institute for learning and enhancement of skills. Visit their website and ask for expert call. They will call you and you can ask for all the details you want or else you can register your self for free demo class.


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