Top 11 Content Writing Course In Bhopal With Placements

Content writing is trending as an amazing career choice. So, to get knowledge about your career path from a reputed institute is very helpful for you to develop the potential among yourself and if you are looking to get into this career and want to get a complete insight of content writing course, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss the best content writing course in Bhopal that you can take up to enhance your content writing skills.


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Well, Content writing is an excellent way to share your views, knowledge, thoughts and as of now, it is the most persuasive job.  Therefore, most people are looking forward to learning all about content writing skills such as writing, developing, editing, and marketing the content.


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is a brief about planning, writing, developing, editing, and marketing content. Blog posts, articles, scripts, podcasts, and writing on social media platforms- all come under content writing.


Moreover, content marketing is not limited to writing articles it includes various other aspects such as email newsletters, video scripts, landing pages, white papers, social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, and many more.


Best Content Writing Course in Bhopal


1.  IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best-reputed institutes, which provides excellent content writing courses along with multiple benefits. This institute is providing its excellent services all over India and many parts of the world. Due to its remarkable features, it is considered the best content writing course in Bhopal as well.


Below is the Content Writing Course Structure


Module 1: Web development:

Module 2: UI UX interface

Module 3: Introduction to content writing

Module 4: Content keyword writing

Module 5: Start Writing Content

Module 6: Content Writing Tools

Module 7: Duplicate content Detector

Module 8: Content distribution using Email

Module 9: Google Local Pages Setup

Module 10: Content Marketing using social media

Module 11: Exploring Social Media Tools

Module 12: Freelance content Writing


Key Features Of Content Writing Course At IIM Skills


  • Three months guaranteed Internship.
  • Lifetime support (Consultancy/ Training).
  • Excellent portfolio development.
  • Publishing your E-book on Kindle, Google books.
  • First Blog for a platform like Times of India.
  • Publishing first press release on the Online News Portal.


Duration of the course: The total course duration includes 4 weeks of live classroom training, 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assessments.


Fee Structure: The total cost of the course is INR 12,900 +18% GST.


Read a detailed analysis of IIM Skills Content Writing Review to have a clear conception of the course, features, and relevance.


IIM SKILLS Bhopal Content Writing Course invite


2.             Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader provides a Content writing course in Bhopal to show you how to learn and do well in content writing. They deliver an excellent course that is the right blend of content writing and content marketing.


The institute has amazing faculties with immense experience in the sector and the course is complete. Its student-oriented approach and practical experience make it the best content writing course provider. Along with that, they only take in a limited number of students, which encourages personal attention to each participant.


Highlights of Content Writing Course at Skills Upgrader


  • Excellent ability to transform concepts into well-organized content that is appealing to readers.
  • With this content writing course, you will improve important language skills that help you to obtain overseas clients.
  • An excellent knowledge to handle social media marketing for your clients.
  • Professional content writing experience in various industry standards.
  • Ability to create a content plan that will help you to reach a targeted audience.


Another lucrative option to explore is digital marketing. If you are interested to acquire advanced digital marketing strategies and concepts, then learn from the experts with the Best Digital Marketing Course 


3.           AIITA


All India Information Technology Association established by the IT & ITES stakeholders. AIITA provides an excellent platform for all IT professionals, academics, and students to develop their potential through quality training. They promote IT research and development through the involvement of companies, entrepreneurs, institutes, academics, businesses, and students worldwide.


Contents of the course are:


  1. Document development life cycle
  2. Documentation process
  3. Technical writing process
  4. Grammar and editing
  5. Technical writing software tools
  6. Microsoft word
  7. Macromedia robot help
  8. Adobe framework
  9. Snag IT
  10. MS-vision


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4. Udemy 


Udemy offers a wide range of courses including content writing courses and a hands-on experience of different forms and subject types. It has more than 15 centers in India along with an affordable fee. You can visit their website for more information on the cost, curriculum, and style of course.


Udemy is a learning platform that brings people from around the world to get to know about the various courses. They also offer free workshops and paid tutorials as well.


Course Curriculum


  1. Classic marketing fundamentals.
  2. Brief about Content marketing.
  3. Content formats & repurposing.
  4. Web design.
  5. Generating content ideas.
  6. External marketing channels.
  7. Types of content.
  8. Search engine optimization.
  9. Content promotion.
  10. Email marketing.
  11. Measuring your results.


The content writing course curriculum covers all important aspects of content writing. In addition, they will also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course curriculum or the teaching way. It includes 3.5 hours of video content, lifetime access,12 articles, and a course completion certificate.


IIM SKILLS Bhopal Content Writing Course invite


5. Leads Content Writing Training


Leads offer an excellent content writing course in Bhopal. They understand student’s requirements and thus create and execute quick, highly successful programs.


To become a successful content writer, you just need to understand what your customer needs and how you can collaborate with professionals from other sectors as well. Fortunately, Leads provides you an excellent curriculum in the courses, which helps you to gain all of these.


This course is intended to assist you to grow excellent writing skills. The academy’s objective is to individual writing potential and developing it into a skill. Leads also ensure online learning and development units for organizations and institutes.


The entire learning, discussion, completion of tasks, and submission are on the online portal. Candidates will learn from the given course curriculum and complete weekly activities online.


Course Name: PCCW Content Training Course.


Course Fee: INR 9750/-

Duration of the course: 12 weeks.


6. Digital TITA 


Digital TITA provides content writing courses in Bhopal, which helps you to achieve complete knowledge about content writing. The objective is to promote career opportunities for people and digital marketing content writers and Global Business vendors.


Furthermore, they also seek to fill the vacuum created by a shortage of talent in businesses. Digital TITA ensures that businesses are powered by a skilled, innovative, qualified workforce, and capable of taking the lead and fulfilling the demands of the competitive digital field.


Their excellent training courses are structured in such a way that they fulfill the technical criteria to provide the applicants with qualified qualifications.


Highlights of the Course at Digital TITA:


·       The content writing course is up to date with all the requirements that help in gaining competitive benefits.

·       You can improve your writing skills get an excellent knowledge of SEO and learn to get to know about the different types of content for different purposes.

·       Students and freshers both can build a career out of this course.

·       The institute provides various programs and seminars for a better understanding of content creation concepts.

·       The trainers of this institute are highly skilled, and they will also provide an opportunity for internships on live projects for about two to three months.

·       The course on live projects helps candidates learn the use of various tools and techniques they can learn and accordingly adds to their resumes.

·       An additional bonus that they provide is guidance for the bonus.


IIM SKILLS Bhopal Content Writing Course invite


7.  Nest Soft


Are you looking for content writing courses in Bhopal? Nest Soft is an impressive brand that provides courses to students and practitioners.


Nest Soft has been offering the courses for a very long time and facilities along with training. The course mainly dives into teaching students to become copywriters. They also have some other subjects for general SEO in the process.


Highlights of the Content Writing Course at Nest Soft:


·       This course includes the basic aspects of content writing such as tips to improve writing.

·       The curriculum of this course is in video format.

·       The course covers topics on understanding SEO/Marketing, strong research skills, good writing, etc.


The syllabus includes:


o Importance of writing: A wider introduction to writing, excellent ways to get inspired, and how to create content.

o Before you write: An introduction to different types of writing, guidelines, referencing, reading to write, plagiarism, and planning.

o Write right: Writing effective paragraphs, grammar for writers, common grammatical errors, and pre-writing, communication with subject matter experts.

o After you write:  Editing, a graphic artist, rewriting, and Proofreading.

o Publication/project work: Writing for the publication and web.

o Career development/enhancements for writers: It includes professional development skills.

Contact Details:

Phone: 83010-10866



8. Online Idea Lab


Online Idea Lab is an institute that aims at building a competent society. This Institute offers quality content writing courses online. This course includes an extensive specialized training product, which helps candidates to learn and grasp the knowledge quickly.


The institute provides its training and services across India, the USA, and Canada. It offers courses in:


·       Amazon Web Services

·       Content creation

·       Digital Marketing

·       Amazon Web Services


Online Idea Lab also caters to training corporates and has various courses for higher education. With content writing course, they are also providing the following courses:


·       Advanced content writing course.

·       Creative writing course.

·       Copywriting course.

·       Instructional design course.


IIM SKILLS Bhopal Content Writing Course invite


9. Henry Harvin Academy 


Henry Harvin academy is one of the leading careers and competency development organizations, which also provides a content writing course in Bhopal. This academy also focuses is on value creation. They provide training, services, assessment centers, higher education, and skill development.


About the course


1.    Duration of the course: 32hrs Training + 24hrs Sessions+ 50hrs E-Learning Access

2.    Trainer: Professional Industry experts with 10+years’ experience

3.    Live Industry Projects: During the training, they will get experience in Industry Projects.

4.    Membership: Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy with numerous other benefits.

5.    E-Learning Access: Includes Games, Projects, Case Studies, and Recorded Videos.

6.    Brush-up Sessions: 12 Monthly Brush-up Sessions for 1-Year Worth Rs.6000 for Free

7.    Internship: Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

8.    Job Opportunities: They will provide Job Opportunities every week


9.   SEO Aim Point Web Solution


SEO Aim Point Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is an accredited organization that provides an excellent content writing course in Bhopal. Their objective is to become India’s one-stop digital marketing agency. They provide courses in software creation, web design, Search Engine Optimisation, database design, and digital marketing tactics, and they are immensely flexible.


They fully ensure that they are providing one-time result-oriented and reliable Digital Marketing solutions to their consumers. Along with that, getting ranked by most of the customers and some of the very famous rating agencies is an excellent achievement for them.


They also provide job-oriented training courses in PHP paper click and the design in Bhopal for Digital Marketing. They also provide an informative workshop to business professionals to remove out any questions that are troubling them.


Major Takeaways


1.    You will learn how to make the content SEO-friendly.

2.    Understand how to add the right tone to your writing.

3.    Learn to use keywords in the content

4.    Understand to write an effective title.

5.    Learn to draw the attention of the audience.

6.    Technicalities of writing social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


11. Talent Spira


Talent spiral is an IT corporation that offers technological and innovative approaches to people and organizations worldwide. Its objective is to offer the best content writing courses. It provides various resources to all the learners such as start-ups approaches, innovative portfolio construction training and learning opportunities, and recruiting programs.


They excellently design the training curriculum so that candidate easily understands basic concepts and address the technological approaches efficiently.


They also encourage candidates to build their business identity or make a wonderful portfolio for their future career path. By providing continuous online or offline guidance, their mission is to provide the golden opportunity to each of their students at reputable institutes.


Talent Spiral has a lot of content writing courses online that are amazingly built with the manufacturing demands around the world.



1. Which are some of the renowned content writing courses in Bhopal?

There are many top-rated institutes that offer top-quality content writing courses in Bhopal. IIM SKILLS is one of the best online courses that can provide you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of content writing and its best practices.


2. What are some topics for the content writing course in Bhopal?

Some important topics for content writing are blogging, best practices for writing, SEO content, content management tools, effective email writing, audience analysis, creating a content calendar, content scheduling, WordPress management, GMB, keyword research, social media, automation,  website analysis, speed testing.


3. What is the duration of content writing courses in Bhopal?

A content writing course is 1-2 months approximately in Bhopal. It might extend a little due to internships and other soft skills training.


Major Takeaways


1.    Best for beginners

2.    You’ll get an opportunity to create quality content for the website

3.    Understand readers and their requirements.

4.    Learn about the Web Formatting Tools

5.    Learn different writing styles

6.    Equip with excellent knowledge of SEO, CSS, HTML, and CSS.

7.    Learn how to boost Search Engine Rankings through content writing course techniques.

8.    Understand to create SEO-friendly content.

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