Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana

Ghana is in West Africa and has a most rapidly developing economy.  They consider education as a highly demanded human resource. Ghana is a fast-growing country that empowers its nation through technology and other means. The best technical writing courses in Ghana are offered by renowned and reputed institutions. Also, there are the best e-learning platforms for technical writing courses in Ghana. Increased competition is a fact of the new global economy and Ghana is ready to help to rise to the challenge.


List of best technical writing courses in Ghana


What is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing is a way of writing where the author is writing about a particular subject that requires direction, instruction, or explanation. The main purpose of technical writing is to provide complex information to readers in a way that they can understand easily, even if they don’t have prior knowledge of the topic.


In simple words technical writing is, communicating complex information in simple and relevant sentences to those who need it to accomplish some task or goal. In other words, technical writing explains how a particular object works or how to complete a project.


Technical writing is the ability to write concisely, precisely, accurately, and mainly in an easily understandable manner. While technical writing was first restricted to the manuals and instructional documents, say used in more technical ways, now it has spread across most of the industries.


Whereas sectors like electronics, engineering, aeronautics, medical, biotechnology, finance, IT, and more are focusing on diverse types of technical content to enhance their brand image and communication, others like business, authors, literature making use of technical writing to spread more into people.


The availability and accessibility of the Internet and digitization have surely further helped to escalate the need for technical writing, as web-based product support. Technical writers usually prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.


An encouraging and interesting fact about technical writing is that the writer does not need any specific degree. All it needs is a good command over writing and verbal English, clear and effective communication, and the zeal to work hard, research, learn and grow. Technical writing has been increasingly picking up pace.


Not only do people recognize its importance but are also considering it as a career prospect now and so organizations and institutes. While it has been a recognized field in the west, technical writing courses in Ghana have gained ground over the years and it is expected to grow.


Due to the increased acceptance as a career prospect, various institutions have introduced technical writing courses in Ghana with specialized ones to ensure that there are relevant educational qualifications and job opportunities in this rapidly developing country. These courses in technical writing provide the necessary know-how about the language, writing aptitude, and technicalities.


They offer the mannerisms to weave technical terminology into words by first sharing an understanding of the concepts with the peer learners. More precisely, at the core, and technical writing course is putting technical concepts into layman’s terms for easier understanding.


For this, the technical writers have to do in-depth research via paper, reports, and writings on various topics. Added to these, skills of gathering relevant data and interpreting it, and usage of tools like authoring, screen capturing, image editing, infographics, and presentations are also offered to prospective technical writers.


As technical writing goes hand in hand with technology, one definitely needs insights and capture updates about innovations and new releases and the skills to conduct research. Any prior experience in the IT and software industry a journalism background a degree in English literature or expertise in mass communication gives an additional advantage.


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Types of Technical Writing


There are different types of technical writings, we listed a few here. One of them is Traditional Technical writing which includes Scientific and Medical papers, Reviews, and Reports. Another one is End-User documents, which consists of Assembly Guides, Quick start guides, Product manuals, User help functions, and Technical books.


The next one is Marketing content, which involves case studies, Brochures, Proposals, etc. Along with the increased demand for technological solutions and innovations, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the requirement for technical writing will also witness a surge.


Along with advances in the kind of content, technical writers can also step into the fields like advertising, consulting, academia, telecommunications, digital marketing, security, publishing. These are just to name a few, while the prospect’s list is endless.


Since technology is omnipresent and reliance on it is rapidly increasing, technical writing definitely now becomes a requisite feature for all organizations rather than an option. So, everybody willingly spends time, effort, and finances on premium quality content so as to extend the best and appropriate communication to their target audience.


So evidently, technical writing will be one of the most viable career options in the future.


Career Options


Also, there are plenty of career opportunities for technical writers in Ghana. Here listed a few career options:

  • Content developers
  • Content writers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Information designers
  • information developers
  • Manual writers
  • Policy writers
  • technical communications specialists
  • Freelance writers, Senior copywriter
  • SEO copywriter, Content & Digital manager
  • Strategic communication manager
  • Content contributor for data collection
  • Graphic design & Video content developer
  • and so on.


Coming the most important part of career optimization is to get increase the remuneration part of it. Usually, experts will definitely be getting paid more when compared to others. Technical writing is definitely belonging to the area of expertise and so the remuneration part too is more encouraging.


For example, the average salary for a Content Writer is ¢600 in Accra, Ghana. As the careers grow at any platform, the need for experts who teach us or guide us about the platform will definitely get increased. A significant study says the average pay for a technical writer is $69,850 per annum.


Also, while technical writing is a rapidly increasing career opportunity, one of its conveniences is to take up the job offline and remotely. Due to this feature, many can extend their hands as part-time employees along with the usual full-time career grabbers.


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Here we go with lists of the top 4 institutes which offer technical writing courses in Ghana


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an Institution that originated in India which is giving online education. It has helped the lives of many people who attended different courses with them for many years now. Some of the best courses they have are Technical Writing, Advanced SEO Course, Digital Marketing Course, etc.


The Technical Writing Courses in Ghana are offered by the best experts with the best practices to train the students in technical writing. With a carefully drafted curriculum based on current trends, the trainers at IIM Skills always deliver encouraging online sessions and student-friendly assistance for students to develop the required skills to excel in the courses they attend.


The gratifying aspect of the curriculum followed in the Technical Writing Courses in Ghana is its learning approach with the best tools. This approach helps students to know and understand many tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, etc. to draft their technical documents.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

The journey with IIM Skills doesn’t complete with online classes alone. But it continues to provide Certification, career guidance, Internship, and Placement at the final completion of the course. If anybody looking for technical writing courses in Ghana to sharpen their technical writing skills, IIM Skills is the best place to join for online classes.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration of the course: 5 weeks of live sessions

Fees for the course: Rs. 14,900+ 18% GST

A special feature offered: Lifetime access to learning materials


Key features of this technical writing course:


In this course, the tutors present clear and simple instructions to the learners while also ensuring that they deliver all the relevant information. The timing arrangements are flexible and in accordance with the learners’ availability. The tutors extend a very good hand to make their pupils do well with the technical writing by assisting and making them complete their assignments.


Other Courses


2. Udemy


There is a wide range of courses available on Udemy, the world’s most popular online learning platform. Among these courses, the technical writing courses are unique in that they are flexible in structure and have distinct content. Currently, they have roundabout 18+ lacks learners under the technical writing courses.


You can find a range of course packages available on Udemy’s webpage which vary in price according to the course length and type of technical writing course you choose. Professional Technical Writing is among the bestselling technical writing courses available on Udemy.


Name of the Course: Professional Technical Writing

Fees: Rs. 12K+


Key features of this course:


With lifetime access to 100+ downloadable resources, this course introduces learners to technical writing and teaches them the various writing techniques for creating technical documents. This course is intended to help participants build a career in technical writing. Also, a certificate will be issued to them at the time of completion.


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3. Coursera


Over 200 prestigious Universities and a number of leading companies have partnered with Coursera to provide online sessions that are as informative and comfortable as possible in order to educate people and to improve their skills.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Fee to be paid:


Key features of this course:


The purpose of this course is to introduce the learners to the usage of language and style necessary for reporting their research as technical writers. The course will also introduce the learners to different kinds of technical reports. A certificate of completion will be granted at the completion of the course.


4. Henry Harvin Education


This is one of the available technical writing courses in Ghana, Provided by Henry Harvin. They offer various courses online in various fields to people from all over the world. The technical writing course provided by Henry Harvin has several unique features and benefits with it.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Key features of this course:


This course is focused on various aspects of technical writing from the basics and teaches many tools to edit and draft documents. The course curriculum has many hands-on activities and projects to enable the learners to become hands-on in using those tools.


Along with the online sessions, they are also offering internships, placements, and other support to transform their students into professional technical writers. A quick start companion is a short, getting-started document that generally accompanies a product or software.


In this course, writing educator LeslieO’Flahavan explains the factors, stylish jotting practices, and overall strategy for creating a quickstart companion that helps compendiums fluently find answers to their questions. Leslie shares how to predicate your quickstart companion on your stoner primer or develop your companion by using client feedback.


She also discusses how to easily identify the overall purpose of your companion, write clear headlines, and use plain language. To wrap up, she covers styles for getting feedback from subject matter experts and druggies to ensure that your companion is both accurate and useful.




1. How do you become a technical writer?

  • Develop your industry knowledge
  • Earn your bachelor’s degree
  • Pursue a technical writer certification
  • Create a portfolio of samples
  • Build up your professional network
  • Develop your industry knowledge
  • Be proactive about your skill development
  • Focus your development on one niche
  • Learn and develop web design skills


2. What are the five types of technical writing?

Five Types of Technical Writing in 2022

  • Medical and Scientific Papers.
  • User Manuals and Assistance Guides.
  • Books and Guides by Technical Writers.
  • Assembly Manuals.
  • Technical Documents, Reviews, and Reports.


3. Is technical writing a good career?

A. As per research, the demand for technical writers is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. Given the rising demand for technical writers, technical writing is a good career option with lucrative benefits.

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