Top 5 Online GST Courses in India With Placements

We live in an era where the marketplace is bestrewed with a plethora of training courses. The training courses could be related to advancement in any domain. One such popular training course which has been creating noise for all good reasons has to be online GST courses. And why not?


The implementation of GST evoked mixed reactions of people – some opposing the tax and on the other hand, avid learners were quick enough to discover a slew of trailblazing opportunities in the field of finance and accounts which is currently booming at a large scale.


So, if you are an ardent fan of learning new things, you should not miss a chance to register yourself with one of these top 5 online GST courses.


List of the best online GST courses


Before listing out the top 5 online GST courses, it is quite imperative to know what GST exactly is about.


What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax, briefly addressed as GST, is an indirect form of tax collection. GST is one of a kind being a game-changer in the field of taxation, finance, and accounts. The implementation of GST can be traced back to 1954 with France securing the opening gambit.


With the evolution of time, 160 countries inclusive of India have joined the bandwagon in the implementation of Goods and Services Tax.


The earlier version of the taxation system in India had its own set of problems where taxes in the name of VAT, excise duty, customs duty, etc were levied on each stage/process of manufacturing leading to cascading effect of taxes.


GST came as a new dawn to remove inflation from the economy by putting an end to the vicious cycle of the tax-on-tax effect. Also, one of the reasons to implement GST was to make the system more transparent.


The discrete tax slabs for collection of tax under GST is categorized into 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. However, petroleum products, alcoholic drinks, and electricity are kept out of the ambit of GST and are levied autonomously by each state government.


You might be interested to delve into more information about Goods and Services Tax in a streamlined manner before knowing about the online GST courses.


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Who Are GST Practitioners?

GST Practitioner or GSTP is a professional in the domain of taxation duly authorized by a blend of Central and State Governments who are entrusted with the task of handling compliances related to GST at the behest of a taxable individual.

GST Practitioners can execute any or all the following functions:


  • Apply for new registration.
  • Apply for modification or revocation of registration.
  • File a claim for a refund.
  • Issue monthly, quarterly, or annual GST returns.
  • Issue details of outward and inward supplies.


Have you ever wondered what benefits can you reap by enrolling in online GST courses? If not, then this is the right place to learn about it.

Following are the benefits that you can reap by enrolling in online GST courses:


  • Enhancement of your skillset.
  • You can expect a hike in salary with the GST certified professional tag which in turn, leads to an improved standard of living.
  • You get enlightened with the latest and updated trends in the GST world from the experts.
  • You will gain an insight into the effective management of your personal finance.
  • People usually tend to fraught when the cut-off date for filing various tax returns, forms under GST keep looming nearer.


Also, filing various forms and tax returns is quite a task which everybody is not competent enough. As a measure of relief, the concept of GST practitioners was brought in. You can commence a career as a GST practitioner by assisting people in filing returns and registrations.


  • You also have an option to kick-start a career by offering consultancy services.


Now, let’s delve into the top 5 online GST courses that render in-depth training to individuals who want a carve a niche in the domain of taxation.


1.  IIM Skills


With the presence of headquarters marked in New Delhi, IIM Skills is a renowned academy that has come a long way in the domain of ed-tech offering skill development programs at an economical cost.


IIM Skills maintains its pre-eminence because of its top-quality training in various professional courses. Having tutored nearly 15000 professionals from 30+ countries, the academy has garnered a salient space for itself.


With the substantial emphasis deployed on leveraging progressive technologies, seminars are conducted via Zoom sessions. To give the feel of a real classroom atmosphere, the academy has zeroed in the concept of interactive sessions by providing a realistic situation for participants to analyze and then put the same into practice. This is applicable to all courses including financial modeling courses In India conducted by them, content writing courses, digital marketing courses, and others.


With its initial inception as a blog, the esteemed academy has expanded its horizons to training in the line of content writing, digital marketing, BAT, financial modeling, and GST. This blog will take you through GST Course.


Given beneath are the highlights of the course that will confer it as one of the best online GST courses. 


  • 16 hours of lectures to be delivered in the form of live stream sessions for four weeks.


  • The concept of hands-on training is well executed by the mentors by imparting experiential learning where the participants learn by partaking in activities rather than merely attending a lecture.


  • The storehouse of all the information on GST– reference materials, case studies, and the recordings of the sessions is available exclusively in the Learning Management System which is a lifetime feature to relish.


  • You bag a privilege to be under the tutelage of well-experienced industry experts.


  • Assurance of everlasting support and without an iota of hesitation, you get your queries clarified then and there.


  • Free demo session at your disposal and 100% guarantee that the money will be refunded back if you don’t find the course satisfactory after the first session.


  • Get hands-on with various GST invoicing tools and software implementation learning. With the effective usage of tools and software, you stand a chance to establish yourself as a hotshot in handling 100’s of clients without any fuss.


  • Get yourself approved with Master GST certification from IIM Skills which makes you job-ready or go ahead as a freelance GST practitioner.


  • 10% group discount on 3 or more registrations.


  • Placement assistance and career guidance make sure that your journey does not end with certification only.


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2.  ICAI


Headquartered in New Delhi, ICAI is the leading governing body in the field of accounting established in 1949. The institute operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. ICAI is universally acknowledged for maintaining the highest standards in the field of technical aspects, ethical compliance, auditing, and education standards.


With the blossoming of the GST scheme, the institute devised online GST courses with the notion of equipping its members with up-to-date reforms in the domain of accounts and finance. ICAI is an esteemed institute for GST practitioners. Hence, it is reckoned as one of the best online GST courses.


Following are the aspects of the online course on GST proffered by the ICAI:


  • The Institute has come up with 2 contemporary courses: a certificate course on GST, and an advanced certificate course on GST for the folk who are contemplating bolster their skills.


  • The criteria for participation in any of the courses is confined to a qualified chartered accountant who is a member of the ICAI.


  • The timescale varies between 40 hours (6 days) in the case of the advanced certificate course and extends up to 72 hours (10 days) in the case of the certificate course.


  • It is entirely your call to choose either weekday or weekend batch.


  • The faculty will be an impeccable combination of practicing chartered accountants, academicians, and experts in the domain of indirect taxes.


  • An all-encompassing course is designed in a way that traverses through fundamentals to miscellaneous and ethical practices.


  • The fee structure for the certificate course is INR 10000/- plus GST@18% and in the case of the advanced certificate course, it is INR 14000/- plus GST@18%.


  • An electronic version of learning material that reinforces course content is accessible via an e-learning portal.


  • The session recordings are well within the reach of the members for 2 months.


  • To ensure that qualified chartered accountants constantly keep updating their knowledge, ICAI has made Continuing Professional Education (CPE) obligatory.


Thus, the members are entitled to 25 structured CPE hours after winding up of the course and 5 structured CPE hours after qualifying in the assessment test.


  • Upon successful conclusion of the course, the members are accredited with a certificate.


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3. Vskills


Vskills is an eminent online platform engaged in the task of an evaluation that is used to impart an unbiased, validated evaluation of a candidate’s ability.


Vskills conducts a certification exam administered by Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd. (ICSIL) – a joint venture of the Government of India, and the Government of NCT intertwined with private co-venture.


Vskills are well known for maintaining their reputation for being a resourceful source of most sought-after links, tutorials, rehearsal tests and exams, blogs, internships, resume writing and interview questions.


The industry-oriented Vskills certifications are of immense benefit as many companies are on the hunt for prospective candidates who are competent enough in one or more domains.

Vskills provides a deluge of training programs in the field of accounts and finance, engineering, health and nutrition, product design, real estate to name a few, of which the GST certification course is extremely popular among the masses.


The prominent features of the GST certification course from Vskills are mentioned beneath that will deem it as one of the best online GST courses:


  • The course name is coined as ‘Certified GST Professional’.


  • The certified GST professional course from Vskills is government-recognized.


  • The duration of the course is 28 learning hours.


  • The price tag of the course is fixed at an economical cost of INR 3499/-


  • Upon successful enrolment of the course, LMS access is granted to the candidates, a lifelong feature to reap enormous benefits.


  • A replica of the study material in the LMS is also dispensed in the form of hardcopy.


  • The candidates are bound to enjoy the flexibility extended by the online platform in the aspect of exams too where they can conveniently choose date and venue as per the individual requirement.


  • The exam schedule is of 60 minutes with negative marking outside the scope.


  • The advantage of the Vskills certified tag at and should not be ignored.


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4.  ClearTax


ClearTax is a fintech platform with the base headquarters located in Bengaluru. The fintech platform aims to deliver the best possible solutions for GST filing, income tax filing, and the newly launched mutual fund investments which are trending with the young millennials. The motto is to streamline finances, save time and funds for crores of businesses in India.


Since its inception as an online income tax filing platform for individuals, ClearTax has won the hearts of six lakh businesses, 60,000 Chartered Accountants, and over thousands of large enterprises. Therefore, it is considered one of the best online GST courses.


The exemplary features of the GST course at ClearTax are summarized beneath:


  • The course name is titled “Comprehensive e-Learning Certification on New GST Returns”.


  • The duration of the course is 8+ hours of extensive training.


  • The course comes at a reasonable cost at INR 4800/-. By unlocking the Earlybird offer code, you get a 25% discount, which amounts to INR 3600/-.


  • The privilege of being tutored by renowned experts from the industry is not the one to be overlooked upon.


  • The all-encompassing course is a one-stop destination of all your GST requirements such as filing of GST returns, creation of GST invoices, claiming Input Tax Credit, etc.


  • Handling errors and mismatches at the time of filing is a plus point of this course which is taken care of by experts.


  • The course curriculum comprises basics of new GST returns, the progression plan from current to a new system of returns, the expert sections dealing with the impact of the new GST returns, potential changes in enterprise resource planning, and major highlights for Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) on account of changes anticipated in finance.


  • Evaluation and get accredited with a certification from ClearTax.

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5.  CAclubindia


With the establishment dating back to September 1999, the notion of sharing and dissemination of knowledge across a multitude of people is still being retained in high spirits. Eventually, Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd. embarked on creating platforms for knowledge sharing purposes amongst professionals, now better known as CAclubindia.


With increasing recognition, the knowledge-sharing portal is a happy family of a 3 million-plus member base. Also, with the initial coverage limited to only financial professionals and taxpayers, the portal has extended its scope that caters to the entire finance community at present.


Endeavoring top-notch training, they strive to provide extensive online GST training from starters to advanced levels. Hence, it is regarded as one of the best online GST courses.


The salient aspects of the GST course at CAclubindia which act as a stepping-stone towards your GST practitioner career are summarised below.


  • The updated course name is Advanced GST Training and Certification Course.


  • The duration of the course is spread across 61 hours of effective video classes.


  • The course price is fixed at INR 6599/-.


  • An e-book on GST will be provided which is smoothly accessible.


  • Content with the latest union budget 2021 updates will also be provided.


  • The platform proclaims to equip you with practical insights by way of training being imparted from the prominent industry expert, CA Bimal Jain who has experience of 19+ years in indirect taxation.


  • Access to the course material is granted for 2 months or 122 hours, hence harnessing the contents to the fullest potential is the need of the hour.


  • Having a grip on all recent amendments and the implications of those amendments is what the course stresses upon apart from the detailed understanding of GST Provisions.


  • The portal is quite useful with an array of discussions, reviews, webinars, online learning, corporate laws, affairs, videos, jobs, etc reminding us of the vibes that the totality of the finance world is being encircled in a mollusk.


  • Get yourself validated with certification approved by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.


  • You also have an option to enroll for the course with a pen drive for which an additional cost of INR 1000/- is to be borne.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is it advisable to enroll yourself in an online GST course?


Keeping in mind, the emerging Covid-19 pandemic, and the modish generation we live in, the online courses are always a thumbs-up.

With the advanced learning programs and practices, saving of time and effort in commuting, and acquiring new skills from the comfort of four walls of your home at a reasonable price, one cannot choose to ignore the immense benefits offered by online GST courses.


  1. What are the basic conditions required for becoming a GST Practitioner?


The basic conditions required for becoming GST Practitioners are as follows:


  • They should be a native of India.
  • They should be of sound mind.
  • They should not be declared bankrupt.
  • They should not be pronounced guilty of an offense with imprisonment extending up to 2 years or more.


  1. Is it necessary to file GST returns every month?


Under the GST regime, any business whose annual aggregate turnover exceeds INR 5 crore is required to file 2 monthly returns for each month and 1 annual return.

It tantamount to 26 returns in 1 year. So, yes, it is necessary to file GST returns every month once the annual aggregate turnover crosses INR 5 crore.


Final Words:


GST is something that has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Whenever we step out of our homes for purchasing or selling of any commodity, GST is the prime consideration. We need to appreciate the fact that GST has a far-reaching cause, and its scope is not limited to just businesses or a person engaged in the field of commerce.


Hence, it would be wrong to say that learning about GST serves no purpose. It will help you to add to your knowledge base and you gain a better insight into the taxation system prevailing in India.


I hope the detailed descriptions and features of the online GST courses will be beneficial for the candidates aspiring to become GST practitioners. Last but not the least, once you do take the plunge, there’s no looking back.


Best of Luck!

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