Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Nagpur

GST is one of the biggest reforms in our country’s history of indirect reforms and was a significant step in the growth of our economic system. But why abruptly the need arises to acquire knowledge about GST? Due to advancement in our digital market, what a certificated course will facilitate? Now, we have GST certifications courses available by Government and private firms. Nagpur has always embraced change. Here is the list of the top ten GST certification courses in Nagpur.     


List of best GST certification Courses in Nagpur


History of GST in India


The idea was pitched by Atal Bihari Bajpai back in 2000, but it finally got implemented in July 2017 under the 101st amendment of the Indian constitution law. Goods and service tax was considered to be the monumental change in the history of India. Goods and service tax was imposed for providing at multi-levels of the market, it is leveraged upon by buyer and sellers both during the process of supply.


GST has replaced many small taxes on multi-levels both central and state wise, only one tax for all goods and services was established due to this new tax regime. Vindicating double taxation in a substantial amount has helped in forming a common national market for buyers and sellers’ markets due to this law.


It was evident that over 18% reduction was established in the overall burden tax. Domestic and international markets experience economic growth even in international competition. GST tax has a 4-level structure which is mainly CGST, SGST, IGST, and UGST based on their governing body.


Many taxes such as Value-added tax, purchase tax, service tax, and excise tax are replaced due to GST tax now we only have to pay one single tax. The need for GST practitioners was witnessed because of the mandatory need for professional tax filing.


Even though the legal responsibility is still considered to be of the taxpayer but he/she can guide you through the tedious process of filing the required tax, perform all the activities on their behalf, and prepare paper returns. If you think only advocates can be practitioners, you are wrong.


Any graduate or postgraduate can apply to be a legal GST practitioner but you just have to pass the official GSTP (Global system of trade preferences among developing countries) examination. There are online and offline classes are available for said exams. It is a fairly neat process to follow they have to get themselves registered and passed the exam within two years of enrollment.


The duties of GST practitioners are as follow:


·         Filling tax returns on the behalf of taxpayers

·         Have in-depth knowledge about all the internal and external supplies

·         Make a thorough report of the previous tax filings

·         Keeping the list of claims for refunds

·         Filling all the legal registrations

·         Aid taxpayers in any tax filing issues

·         Keeping records of electronic cash and cash ledgers


Now, as an Indian citizen, it becomes necessary to have some knowledge about our taxation system. But, it can be very tedious to go through this process alone without having any information about the subject. As the dynamics of GST courses are always altering it becomes necessary to have an expert to guide us. Nevertheless, we are fortunate that GST courses and certifications courses are available to get us through.


Here is a comprehensive guide on Goods and Services Taxes


Merits and Demerits of GST law


  • GST has created more than 2 lakh opportunities for the youth and more than 1 lakh vacancies.
  • India has experienced a higher threshold of registration. Service tax was exceeded tax over 10 lakhs after GST law has come into the amendment.
  • The Composition scheme in GST has benefitted the small business to get rid of tedious formalities and to pay at fixed turnover
  • The efficiency of logistics has improved after GST, small business owners also took an initiative and join the e-commerce market
  • Increase in cost due to software updates and maintenance manly ClearTax GST software


Adapting to complete different taxation systems in the middle of the financial year. With the initiation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law which was enforced in India on 1 July 2017, there is a need for professionals who have sound knowledge of this field and can help out in compliance.


GST has replaced three different taxes: central excise duty, service tax, and state value-added tax, thereby creating a uniform market for the movement of goods and services within the country. Since the introduction of modern goods and services tax (GST), more and more people are getting into service-based jobs massively to keep their business interests flourishing.


GST consultants in India have a high demand today because of the expertise they can offer to businesses around the country. It has become a requirement for every organization to have a GST training consultancy in their organization to understand the concept of GST, implement it in the business procedures and make use of the benefits of GST.


This form of taxation system has been implemented in different countries and several businesses are being forced to adopt it. This is mainly because while some people (registered suppliers, who are obligated to collect it) seem to have more trouble understanding the new tax systems, there seems to be no issue with it for others (registered consumers).


The following article can be extremely helpful to anyone looking to enter this field, whether it be from a job standpoint or a business perspective as a certified GST practitioner. For small-medium enterprises, GST tends to be a very overwhelming topic, because they have never encountered it in their journey so far.


The million-dollar question that is usually asked at this point is: What does GST mean for my business? And how does the GST affect my existing accounting and taxation structure? Let’s find out what these questions mean and how we can address them later in FAQs.


GST practitioners


GST practitioners are professional aid to help you file taxes when the invoices are high and it becomes tedious for them to follow legally. They are aware of the GST taxation system and accounting framework and can guide them through any financial advice.


Learn here How GST Works


The eligibility for the practitioner are:


·         They must be an Indian citizen

·         Must not be involved or conduct any serious offense or crime

·         Must pass the exam within 2 years of after enrollment as a GSTP

·         The candidate must graduate or postgraduate


The duties of GST practitioners are as follow:


·         Registration under GST law

·         Tax filing

·         Payment of tax

·         Representation of client

·         GST refund


The role of a GST practitioner in the area of taxation is vital. A GST practitioner is responsible for filing your information on your behalf and assisting you with accounting and filing needs as they pertain to tax law. To take up clients, they must register on the GST portal and submit the necessary forms and reports.


Once they have completed this process, they can take up clients. Before completing either registration or client service, these practitioners must take the GSTP examination to cover any areas that may be missed.


Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Nagpur


1.      IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the top institute for online certification courses in Nagpur, it is one of the most reputed institutes for GST certification courses in Nagpur. The course is very student-oriented, very interactive so that students can learn at their fullest, and the curriculum ensures they learn the constantly changing dynamics of the law.


The following course will help understand how to create new GST returns, understand how to view already submitted returns, and how to run diagnostics on your business to find out where the mistake is and make you aware of all the relevant information of the course.


Course NameGST certification course

Duration – 4 weeks

Price – 2900 INR


Course Features:


  • Guided by expert faculties and team
  • 24*7 support and assistance
  • Virtual classes available at flexible hours
  • Lifetime access
  • Student doubt session


The Course curriculum of their GST certification courses in Nagpur inculcates GST basics and origin, Structure of framework of GST, Registration and rules and regulation, GST tax filling, composition scheme and reverse charge mechanism, and input tax and payment.


Other Courses


2.      Udemy Academy


Udemy academy is also one of the reputed institutes if you are looking for GST certification courses in Nagpur. They mainly focus on the understanding of GST in a very short period. They ensure that the students have their foundation clear with no doubts.


Course Name: GST certification course

Duration – Approx. 9.5 hours

Fees – 8000 INR


Course Features:


  • Experienced faculties and experts
  • Doubt sessions one-on-one
  • Student center for assistance


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3.      Supervision Computer, tally accounting, and GST


This is also one of the most recommended for GST certification courses in Nagpur, with a belief in the motto of 100% quality learning and outstanding education.


Course Name: GST certification course

Duration –Not mention

Fees –Not mention


Course Features:

  • Flexible hours for online classes
  • Detailed curriculum and structured framework
  • Aid in placements
  • Student assistance
  • Expert faculties


4.      TCAII


The institutes of cost of accountant in India is an official body to understand the system from the within. Their vision is to provide laymen to get the relevant information to achieve financial leadership to drive globally. They offer options for GST courses according to the student’s needs.


Course Name –GST certification courses in Nagpur

Duration –72 hours

Fees –10,000 INR + 18% GST


Course Features:

  • Flexible hours and available in both offline and online modes
  • Expert technical support and practices
  • Student help center


5.      Acharya commerce Academy


Acharya commerce Academy is also one of the top ten GST certification courses in Nagpur. Their motto is to focus on practical learning rather than theoretical. They focus on students’ efficiency and building expertise in this field. This institute is very well-known for its GST training, Tally training, and Tally GST training.


Course Name –GST training course

Duration –Not mention

Fees –Not mention


Course Feature:

  • Expert Trainers and faculties
  • Flexible hours
  • Practical sessions
  • Student Aid center


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6.      CA-club India


CA-club is also one of the reputed institutes in Nagpur for GST certification courses. Their sole focus is to make students habitual of this constantly changing regime of GST. Any graduate or postgraduate of commerce, CA Aspirants, business management, or law can join the classes to pave the way to their career in GST certification.


Course Name –GST certification course

Duration –61 hours Approx.

Fees –6599 INR


Course Features:

  • Easy to access (online videos and sessions)
  • Student doubt sessions
  • Flexible hours for working aspirants
  • In-depth knowledge of various GST regimes and system


7.      Taxguru


Taxguru is one of the most distinguished organizations for GST certification courses in Nagpur. This course provides mentorship under CA Raman single who is very established in this field, he is known to be GST Expert. Also, aids students in exploring their job opportunities and guides them throughout this journey.


Course Name –GST certification course

Duration –30 hours Approx.

Fees –10,000 INR


Course Features:

  • Emphasis on theoretical and practical understanding
  • Support center 24*7
  • Doubt session every week
  • Encourages Students to open their consultancy


8.      Bombay Stock exchange


Bombay stock exchange is one top ten of GST certification courses in Nagpur, it is the final step towards the GST certification course. BSE holds the latest and earliest news about the GST law.nThe subjects which are affected by GST law such as Supply chain optimization, Tax compliance, Income Tax, and accounting are also taught by BSE in-depth learning and understanding.


Course Name –GST certification courses in Nagpur

Duration –20 Hours Approx.

Fees –Not mention


Course Features:

  • Flexible hours
  • In-depth knowledge of the curriculum and structured framework
  • Provide opportunities for tax filling


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9.  NIIT


NIIT has a partnership with Tally and has introduced a course named ‘Basics of GST’ which is a comprehensive guide.


Course Name –GST certification course

Duration –20 Hours

Fees –Not mention


Course Features:

  • Flexible hours
  • Student help center 24*7
  • offline and online means of learning
  • Tally Online Certification Exam


Few more options for GST certification course

  • Atlanta Computer institute
  • EDUKATING GST certification
  • DISHA computer institute
  • Tally Brains
  • ICA


10.      Henry Harvin Academy


Henry Harvin is also a well-known academy for online GST certification courses in Nagpur. This is an all-rounder course for its structured curriculum. Provides in-depth knowledge of critical components of GST such as income tax and TDS.


Course Name – GST certification courses in Nagpur

Fees – 12500 INR (instructor included) 11250 INR (self-taught)


Course Features:

·         Practice learning in GSTR 3B and 2A

·         Expert guidance on each step

·         Student aid center

·         Complete training in GST, indirect taxation, and TDS

·         Clarifying doubts

·         Aid in building business strategies




Q1. What is the benefit of the GST course?

The main merit of the GST course is to raise the salary packages to 16% on average and also aid them to start their consultancy. It also develops the skills of taxation and accountancy.


Q2. Eligibility for GST practitioners?

There is no mandated need for education in a particular field but the student must be a graduate or postgraduate. The candidate must be an Indian citizen and should not be convicted under any offense.


Q3. How long does it take to get GST certificate?

Usually, it takes 2-6 working days to get the GST certificate after the completion of the GST exam.


Q4. Can we avoid paying GST?

Yes, there is a threshold limit for GST taxation. When your turnover is over 20 lakh or below it can be avoided.


Q5. What is a GST refund?

When the registered taxpayers claim to be paid an excess amount of GST tax more than the liabilities they possessed, they can demand a GST refund.




The demand and growth in the GST course are increasing rapidly, GST certification can facilitate them to practice professionally. Tax fraud could be a serious offense in this system, which becomes quite a responsibility as the invoice is so high. Thus, the need for GST practitioners is in demand making the GST practitioner’s demand flooding and blooming. The job opportunities have also been flooding through the roof making the scope for the future of GST certification. With the opportunities, salary is also lucrative with a stipend of almost over 7 lakh. After the certification, we can get the benefit of studying through different platforms and institutes.


The salary packages also bounce from 15% to 16% on average due to GST law, making it a worthwhile contribution to our taxation system. The laws and system keep changing constantly in GST so it come to be essential to learn the system professionally and become a GST practitioner. The options available for GST certifications courses in Nagpur are several, but we have to choose the best institutes according to our needs. These all courses are considered to be valuable in their way, which opens the door of limitless opportunities in your path towards your success.


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