Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai With Placements

A summary of expenses, investments, profit and revenue is a vital aspect to be conceptualised by companies and here financial modelling plays a fundamental role. It is generally done in Excel Spreadsheets that help understand the future impact of any investments or expenses. The primary purpose of financial modeling is to facilitate the decision-making process. Statements of income, cash flow details, schedule of debts, and balance sheets are the four major elements associated with financial modeling that assist organizations in developing facial strategies to be used in the future. If you are searching to pursue a course in financial modeling to excel in the field of finance management in Dubai; this article is tailored for you. The top 7 Financial Modelling Courses in Dubai are included in this article which will provide you with the comprehensive information required to select an appropriate course.


List of best financial modeling courses in Dubai


Financial modeling is a major part of MBA courses as this relates to the process of managing businesses. In simple words, developing a financial structure for organizations is done by financial modeling which constitutes the basics of running organizations. An overall insight into financial conditions along with the requirements to make further investments can be understood by businesses through financial modelling.


Variations of Financial Models

Variations or types of financial models are developed by finance experts to analyze the transactional details of companies. Out of all these types, significant ones are included in the financial modeling courses in Dubai that enrich the knowledge of students. The following are the types of financial modeling:

  • Model of discounted cash flow (DCF)
  • Model of Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  • Model of leveraged buyout (LBO)
  • Budget model
  • Model of consolidation
  • Model of three statements
  • Model of initial-public-offering (IPO)
  • Model of option pricing
  • Model of some-of-the-parts
  • Model of industry-specific finance


The Types of Professions Using Financial Modelling

Multiple types of professions possess the knowledge of financial modeling to provide a clear vision of financial activities done by organizations. Professionals who use financial modeling are:

  • Investment bankers
  • Financial analysts
  • Financial portfolio managers
  • Risk managers
  • Financial consultants
  • Equity analysts
  • Financial managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate executives
  • Accounting professionals

These professionals use financial modeling to assess the value of new projects and the outcomes of investments. Informed decisions can be made by the expertise and knowledge of these professionals to accelerate business profits. Choosing the most appropriate course from the list of top 7 financial Modeling Courses in Dubai will help students gain the required knowledge to build a successful career in this field.


Benefits of Financial Modelling

Financial modelling creates the foundation for organisations which assists in decision-making regarding further investments. Along with this, outcomes of investing in new projects can also be assessed through the help of financial modeling. Clarity about cash outflows and inflows can be obtained through final modeling.

Advanced Tally software and comprehensive knowledge of investment management are the main tools used by financial advisers while developing financial models to provide an overall insight into investment outcomes.

Informed decision-making is one of the most essential responsibilities of business organizations that can be executed with accurate financial modeling in terms of funding sources, equity, and debt. Significant benefits associated with financial modeling are as follows:

  • Fast decision-making process
  • Gaining a comprehensive idea of financial activities
  • Predicting the outcome of investments
  • Developing financial strategies
  • Improving the overall organizational performance of businesses
  • Obtaining insight into strategic decision-making


Career Scopes of Financial Modelling

Financial analysis and decision-making are the most essential aspects considered by business organizations and they need skilled professionals to develop financial models. Choosing suitable financial modeling courses in Dubai would be helpful for students to develop their careers in the field of finance management.

Banks, firms dealing with project finance, agencies of credit rating, and businesses of equity research appoint skilled financial modelers to facilitate their decision-making process. Employment in the posts of financial analysts as well as modelers has been projected to increase by more than 9% in Dubai within 2031.

The primary responsibility of financial modelers is to address a pattern in business data so that potential opportunities can be addressed along with evaluating the consequences of business decisions. The average salary of professional financial modelers in Dubai is as follows:

  • Finance Manager- AED 17,500 /month (approximately)
  • Financial Analyst- AED 122,890/year (approximately)
  • Investment Analyst- AED 133,332/year (approximately)
  • Finance Director- AED 488,335/year (approximately)
  • Chief-Financial-Officer- AED 718,985/year (approximately)


Career options to be grabbed after completing the financial modeling courses include:

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Equity Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Credit Analyst
  • Finance Research Analyst
  • Finance Manager in corporate companies
  • Investment Intern
  • Project Finance Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • Officer of Risk Management and Fraud Prevention


Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai with Placement Guarantee


1. IIM SKILLS – Online Financial Modelling Course

Course Brief

Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai are provided by IIM SKILLS that reflect the extensive research, thought and time invested in it. Knowledge and tools to execute financial modelling are provided through this course aligning with industrial standards. Classes are taken through online mode and this course can be pursued by aspirants situated in Dubai along with many other regions.

A 100% placement guarantee along with internship opportunities are the most attractive benefits of this course. You will gain a comprehensive insight into using advanced Excel and Python software to build financial models.


Financial Modeling Course Benefits

  • Internship opportunities
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Online mode of teaching
  • 24×7 support from experts
  • Higher rating by alumni
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge from practical case-studies
  • 100% placement guarantee

What you will learn

  • Module 1: Fundamental and Advanced Excel
  • Module 2: Concepts of Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Module 3: KPI Analysis/Ratio
  • Module 4: Technical Knowledge of Financial Modelling
  • Module 5: Distinct Variations of Financial Models
  • Module 6: Business Valuation  


  • 3 months (Lectures of 70+ hours)
  • 2 months of internship


  • ₹ 39,900 + GST (18%)

Who can pursue this Course

  • Fresh Graduates
  • CA Professionals
  • Professionals/ Pursuing FRM/CFA/MBA
  • Professionals of finance development
  • Engineers or B.Tech



Other best courses in Dubai:


2. Kaplan Professional: Certificate Course of Financial Modelling

Course Brief

Kaplan Institute offers a short certificate course which is one of the significant financial modeling courses in Dubai. The industry-recognised certificate will enrich your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile which would increase the chances of being hired by reputed companies. Industry leaders teach financial modeling lessons in this course and students get the opportunity to clear their doubts by communicating with their trainers.

Students will be provided with the chance to deal with practical case studies through which a clear idea about using software to develop financial models can be learned. All the stages of financial modeling, starting from the initial steps to assessing the outcome are explained in this course.


Course Benefits

  • Live online training facilities enable learners to attend classes from anywhere
  • Facilities of on-demand training that provide flexible learning
  • Beyond-classroom-support is available
  • Practical applications of financial models
  • Experienced and skilled faculties
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Facilities of mock exams
  • An end-to-end guidance
  • Recorded sessions are provided to students along with ensuring an interactive learning session

What you will learn

  • Tools of advanced Excel
  • Statistical aspects of financial modeling and working with functions of calculation
  • Fundamentals of financial modeling
  • Practices of financial modeling
  • Dealing with case-study company
  • Forecasting the financial statements
  • Identifying KPIs
  • Valuation of equity and analysis


  • 2 days (Introduction)
  • 3 days (Valuations and developing three-statement modeling)
  • 3 days (AFM Bootcamp)


  • 7,000 AED (8 days)


  • +97145546184


3. Edu Delphi- Financial Modelling

Course Brief

Edu Delphi provides the required knowledge and skills to develop financial models through its short certificate course. Students and working professionals who are in search of financial modeling courses in Dubai can find this course appropriate to learning essential skills for financial modeling. Delphi Star training is concerned about the improvement of each student enrolled in their courses.

In the context of this, each student gets individual attention from skilled faculties which makes the process of learning much more interesting. Cutting-edge software and knowledge to develop financial models are provided by this course. Preparing students to combat the competitive world and secure a reputed job opportunity is the main motto of this corporate training provider.

Course Benefits

  • Support of professional and certified trainers
  • Opportunities for Training under the supervision of live instructors
  • Portal of cloud e-learning
  • Flexible timing of batch
  • Comprehensive study materials
  • Placement assurance

What you will learn

Module 1

  • Principles of financial modelling
  • Valuation of principles

Module 2

  • Advanced principles of financial modelling
  • Principle valuation
  • Advanced functions of financial modelling along with charting and tools
  • Use of VBA and macros for financial modelling


  • 4 days


  • +971 4 396 3634


4. Edoxi Training Institute- Certification Course in Financial Modelling

Course Brief

Dynamic and robust financial models of Excel are taught in the course of Financial Modelling by Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai. Through this course, your ability to track a company’s performance and budgeting will grow with the knowledge of developing financial models. Certified and professional instructors will guide you in gathering extensive knowledge about Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation models.

The course will add value to your resume and the chance of being hired by global companies will be facilitated. No specific eligibility criteria are required to pursue this certification course although students need to have an academic background in either statistics, mathematics or economics so that they can easily conceptualize the aspects of financial modeling.

You will learn to arrange raw data, organize information, make assumptions, forecast the consequences of new projects, analyze patterns from gathered data, and develop potential recommendations to improve organizational performance.


Course Benefits

  • Opportunity to upgrade practical skills
  • Comprehensive course modules along with advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Facilities like Live Online Training
  • Comprehensive training by skilled Instructors
  • Chances to learn from practical case-study examples
  • Options for flexible pricing
  • Personalised learning opportunities with flexible timing

What you will learn

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Module 2: Forecasting, budgeting and FP&A
  • Module 3: Excel (basics and advanced)
  • Module 4: Managing finance
  • Module 5: Financial Analysis
  • Module 6: Financial Modelling
  • Module 7: Mathematic skills
  • Module 8: Presentation of data
  • Module 9: Valuation


  • 04 3801666


5. Atton Institute- Financial Modelling

Course Brief

Basic skill sets to build financial models are provided through Atton in Dubai. The significant aspects of this course include developing the models, performing the valuation and assessing risks. Building corporate models regarding the entire set of balance sheets, P&L and statements of cash flow are of primary focus in this course.

Students will be provided with an all-encompassing knowledge to develop acquisition models in terms of detailed timelines regarding flexible, simple and dynamic aspects of financial modeling. Management professionals, business owners, employees, and students can pursue this course to upgrade and learn the required skills in financial modeling.


Course Benefits

  • Opportunities for live training
  • Online training can be pursued from anywhere
  • Real-life examples along with practical case
  • Industry-recognised certificate after course completion
  • A wide array of skills will be provided by experienced finance professionals
  • Comprehensive risk-analysis techniques

What you will learn

  • Fundamentals of model
  • Best practices of financial modelling
  • Modelling tips regarding general spreadsheet
  • Macro aspects of the modelling
  • Types of financial models
  • Details of corporate models
  • Advanced corporate models
  • Creating cash-flow-statement from balance-sheets
  • Different types of corporate models
  • Models of acquisition
  • Risk analysis
  • Use of sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis of scenarios
  • Preparing dynamic and interactive dashboards
  • Use of the waterfall method to analyze the distribution of cash flow


  • 5 days
  • 4 days (Live training)


  • USD 4,400 (Regular course)
  • USD 2,450 (Live Training through online)


  • +971 4 43 111 77


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6. Zabeel Institute – Advanced Excel with Financial Modeling Course

Course Brief

The financial modeling course by Zabeel Institute enables learners to make informative decisions through monetary analysis. Finance professionals, business analysts, staff from reputed companies, and supervisors working in the finance management field can pursue this course to improve their abilities.

Course Benefits

  • Detailed course of Financial Modelling along with Advanced Excel
  • Opportunity to improve numerical ability and calculation skill
  • Excel case studies and practical assignments
  • A comprehensive course for sensitivity analysis
  • Opportunity to cope-up with the competitive world

What you will learn

Module 1: Basic and advanced Excel

  • Review of Excel formulas and basic functions
  • Data validation and conditional formatting
  • Advanced Excel
  • Protection Techniques and Data Validation

Module 2: financial functions of Excel

  • Basics of financial functions
  • Application of financial functions to analyze investments
  • Calculations of mortgages and analysis of loans
  • Using Excel functions for budgeting and financial forecasting

Module 3: Financial Data Validation and Managing Businesses

  • Cleansing techniques and data quality
  • Ensuring accuracy and data consistency
  • Using tools for checking errors and data auditing

Module 4: Utilising Financial Data

  • Importing financial data and formatting
  • Cleaning and transformation of data by Power Query
  • Consolidation of Data from various sources

Module 5: Financial Functions and Business 

  • Look-up and advanced logical functions
  • Data tables and scenario analysis
  • Goal-seeking and sensitivity analysis

Module 6: Important Tools for finance professionals and businesses

  • Data visualisation
  • Interactive report and Dashboard
  • Forecasting and trend analysis

Module 7: Transformation and Data-consolidation

  • Data consolidation from data sources
  • Advanced data-transformation
  • Shaping and cleaning data   

Module 8: Data Modelling and Power Pivot

  • Introduction
  • Developing relationships
  • Measuring and building calculated columns
  • Advanced DAX formulas

Module 9: Data Transformation and Cleaning by Power Query  

  • Introduction
  • Data importation
  • Use of Power-Query-Editor
  • Appending and merging queries

Module 10: Techniques of Advanced Pivot-Table

  • Using Pivot-tables for financial reporting
  • Pivot-table timelines and slicers
  • Custom and grouping calculations   


  • 600524448
  • 0097143974905


7. Virginia Institute of Finance and Management – Advanced Financial Modeller – AFM1

Course Brief

Virginia Institute provides financial modeling courses in Dubai with the aim of skill validation, personal development and flexibility of career. The virtual classroom provides the facility to attend classes at your convenience. Proficiencies in Excel are also ensured through this course. You will be able to differentiate yourself while acquiring a reputed job opportunity in this extensive competitive environment.

Course Benefits

  • Online classes
  • Industry experts designed the course module
  • Case studies, workshops and exercises
  • Course module meets the global standard of rewarding proficiency in financial modeling
  • E-learning materials are accessible for 1 year
  • Flexible and dynamic course module facilitating a transparent learning process

What you will learn

Financial modelling as a significant discipline

  • Planning of model
  • Techniques of error checking
  • Bottom-up and top-down approaches
  • Purpose of model
  • Questions for financial modelling

Presentation and design

  • Designing tricks
  • Footers/Headers
  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Naming of conventions
  • Scenario analysis


  • 5 days


  • $ 4,950


  • 97144308394




Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a course in financial modelling?

Specific eligibility criteria are not required by the institutions providing financial modeling courses in Dubai. Students after completing 10+2 can learn financial modelling but having a Graduate degree in accountancy or subjects related to finance will facilitate the process of learning financial modelling. Apart from this, students coming from academic backgrounds like CA/FRM/CFA/MBA can choose to pursue a course in financial modelling. Finance professionals can also consider courses on financial modelling to upgrade skills to excel in their careers in finance fields. Besides this, Engineers or Graduates in B.Tech can pursue financial modeling courses in Dubai.


Q2. What types of career opportunities are associated with financial modelling?

Skills to develop financial models are the most sought-after capabilities of finance professionals that fulfil the demand of business organizations to make informative decisions. Financial analysts, finance managers, risk managers, accounting professionals and equity analysts are some of the typical job roles that can be acquired by aspirants after completing the course of financial modelling. The average salary of finance managers in Dubai is nearly 17,500/month whereas the highest amount is approximately AED 35,000/month. The lowest salary amounts to roughly around AED 8,000/month. The most appropriate course from the list of top 7 financial modeling courses in Dubai will provide you with the required knowledge and skills that you would be utilising at your workplace to facilitate the decision-making process of business organizations.


Q3. Is the process of learning financial modeling complicated?

Learning financial modelling is effective for aspirants to build a successful career in financial management. Apparently, the task of developing financial modelling is not easy and this needs the skills of critical thinking, calculation, and evaluating investment efficiencies. The process of developing financial models can be learned within 4 to 6 weeks. Students coming from the field of Accountancy are most likely to pursue financial modeling courses in Dubai which makes the learning process much easier. Along with this, proficiency in advanced Excel is required which includes learning the formulas. Using relevant software to execute the calculations is required to be conceptualized by the financial modelers. Once the process of learning gets started, you will find it easier and more interesting to learn the basics of financial modeling.


Q4. How can I select the appropriate course for financial modeling in Dubai?

Selecting an appropriate course to obtain the required knowledge is necessary to prepare yourself to take a significant stand in this competitive world where people are striving to grab captivating career opportunities. You need to assess the benefits you will be getting after completing the course on financial modelling in Dubai which will help you sort the appropriate one out of all the courses. You are required to consider the placement assurance, guarantee of achieving the industry-recognized certificate, course fees as well as the duration along with the module contents. In addition to this, you need to check the mode of providing the classes, that is if they provide the opportunity of flexible online classes, you can attend those at your convenience. In this way, you will be able to get a comprehensive insight into the course details through which you can choose the most suitable course from the list of top 7 financial modeling courses in Dubai.



This article includes the top 7 financial modeling courses in Dubai with a detailed discussion about the course benefits, duration, fees, and modules. Both the students and working professionals, aspiring to enhance their skills in financial modeling can select from the respective list of institutions providing financial modeling courses. Dubai is an economically strong country and financial modeling is one of the most sought-after career options there. Industry-recognized certificates and the support of skilled professionals are vital requirements to excel in the field of finance. Hope, this article helps you decide on the most suitable financial modeling courses in Dubai.

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