Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in India With Placements

There are many educational institutes offering digital marketing courses in India. Students who complete the course with flying colors can start working with a reputed company and earn a decent sum. However, there are a few people who feel digital marketing may not be a fruitful career option. This article is addressed to all such individuals. The content provided sheds a light on the scope for development in the career of digital marketers. And if the reader is a fresher or a professional who has a plan to make an entry into digital marketing, here’s some information to help you make a wise decision.


List of best digital marketing courses in India


A Brief Explanation of Digital Marketing

As the word suggests, digital marketing is a process that involves promoting a company’s products and services on an online platform. There is a range of internet-based ways to market a product. Some organizations choose email marketing, while a few prefer social media to increase their sales. The most common types of digital marketing are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Audio Marketing


How Can I Find the Right Educational Institute for Digital Marketing Courses?

As mentioned earlier, there are colleges ready to offer digital marketing courses in India. The selection of an education entity plays a crucial role in a learner’s life. Choosing the wrong entity can eat away the time, effort, and energy of a student. On the other hand, joining a well-reputed college with good faculty will transform a trainee into a digital marketing professional. This is why a list of tips is provided to help you find the best training institute.


Your Requirements: If you do not know what you want, you can never move forward. So, obtain clarity on the right form of training, course, and budget limit for you. Once you are clear on these aspects, you can easily collect a list of colleges for starters.


Format: This is a no-brainer; a working employee cannot attend college in person. Individuals who are serving a company must pick online training. If a graduated person wants to grasp the subject knowledge of digital marketing, they can join traditional classes and avail of the course.


Course Structure: Once you have a list of institutes at hand, you can get into the next step i.e., identification of the best course structure. Some entities that offer digital marketing courses in India provide theoretical knowledge alone whereas a few offer book knowledge alongside practicals. Honestly, the right choice for anyone with an aim to become a digital marketer must avail of the benefits of a college that provides theory as well as a hands-on learning experience.


Research on faculty and institute: If the employed faculty works for money without passion, then such a college is a big no. A teacher who cares only about their bread and butter neglecting a student’s career will not show interest to spend some time clearing queries of the learners. So, have a conversation with their alumni to know about the quality of the sessions alongside the services of the institute. Check their credibility using online reviews and references.


Fees: As discussed in the first step, having clarity on your financial strength will allow you to pick the right entity. Contact the team and know if the college requires you to spend additional bucks during the program. Some institutes charge extra taxes apart from admission fees. Getting to know the fee structure will allow you to make the right financial arrangements.


Placement Assistance or Certification: A job-seeking individual must ensure to check with the college department about the issue of a certificate of completion and career opportunities. Because there is no point in learning a skill if it does not add value to your life. Get admission to institutes that confirm to provide placement opportunities and industry-approved certifications.


What Jobs Can I Apply for With a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Once you have completed one of the best digital marketing courses in India, you are provided with multiple job roles as per your specialization. The range of opportunities is vast. A few of the trending career prospects are mentioned below.

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Search Expert
  • Professional Blogger
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Online Content Developer
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web designer
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • Email Marketer


Information about the possible job offers will give you an idea of how you can progress in the industry. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the roles for now.


Digital Marketing Manager: The responsibility of a Digital Marketing Manager is to develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns. Their main aim is to help companies reach a wider range of audiences and achieve higher revenues.


SEO Specialist: Optimization of a website for the attainment of higher search rankings is the main duty of an SEO specialist. They possess the required knowledge to increase traffic for a site. They also create plans and strategies to enhance the ranking of a company’s site in search engines.


Social Media Manager: A person with this designation is required to handle the social media channels of a company. They deal with the creation of engaging content to promote brand awareness. They amend or build new content strategies post analyzing the customer expectations to lead a company toward success.


Content Marketing Specialist: One of the benefits of selecting one program from digital marketing courses in India is that it lets you become a content marketing specialist. Increasing sales through a properly planned, implemented, and monitored social media strategy is one of the key roles of a Content Marketing Specialist. They improve marketing efforts and brand awareness for an organization’s benefit.


SEM Analyst: A Pay per click or SEM Analyst assesses the traffic to a company’s website and accordingly integrates it with major elements of search analytics, online marketing, and SEO along with others and tracks campaigns to maximize the organization’s ROI.


SEO Content Writer: As the name suggests, a writer who produces search-engine-optimized content is an SEO Content Writer. The job description of their role is to write and optimize posts, backlinking, keyword research, analysis of content marketing strategy, and rank analysis to promote search engine optimization for the improvement of a website’s visibility.


What Are the Best Institutes to Learn Digital Marketing Courses in India?

This question is very important to answer because the career of an individual depends on the quality of the training provided by an educational entity. There are many institutes offering education to learners. However, not all entities are great at providing high-quality service.

A few of the best colleges to go to for obtaining a digital marketing certificate in India are listed below. Also, before you continue reading, it is important to keep the tips shared regarding the choice of an educational entity for learning digital marketing courses in India.

Organizations that are ready to offer paid internships and placement opportunities must be your choice so that you can save time on attending interviews.


  2. UpGrad
  3. IIDE
  4. Digital Vidya
  5. Delhi School of Internet Marketing(DSIM)


Check here the other best courses in India


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in India



IIM SKILLS is a leading ed-tech institution in India that offers a Digital Marketing Course to individuals with strong career goals. Their main goal is to ensure that every student gets a premium professional course to blossom in the digital marketing field.

A student can acquire practical training as well as theoretical training from industry-led mentors. Their course is designed by experts which is why trainees come out with hands-on experience to rock the digital marketing world. No wonder students call it the master of Digital marketing courses in India.


Course Syllabus

The core modules cover Search Engine Optimization, Content writing, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, and Inbound Marketing. Whereas the special modules include Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, WordPress Web Development, Content writing, Blogging, Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Automation, Video Marketing, and Digital Infographic Resume Preparation.


Course Costs and Duration

Course Duration: 3 months training with 2 months paid internship

Course costs: INR 34900 exclusive of 18% GST


Tools for Career Upliftment

Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, MOZ, YouTube Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Trends, Uber Suggest, and other essentials for the students’ career upliftment.



A trainee will receive a certificate post the compilation of the course. A learner who will score more than 50% in the examination will be eligible to attain a verifiable certificate.


Course Highlights

  • Free Master Certification
  • 24*7 Support
  • Placement Support
  • Practical training
  • 3-month additional internship
  • Free access to their knowledge base for free


Contact Information

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Mailing address:



UpGrad is known for its dedication to helping people upskill themselves for a better future. Their PG and UG programs in digital marketing will satisfy the hunger of curious beings through the best classroom setup. Their association with MICA allows the students to receive advanced certification in the field of digital marketing. As a learner, you can obtain an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication from them.


Course Highlights

  • 15+ case studies along with live projects
  • MICA-issued certificate
  • 90+ tools for a video library
  • Individual Resume Feedback
  • Mock interviews
  • Industry mentor’s Fortnightly Coaching
  • EMI option
  • Alumni Status as a MICA executive
  • Daily Doubt Resolution
  • Video Classes


Contact Information

Phone: 1800 210 2020

Mailing Address:


Also Check:


3. IIDE:

IIDE is considered a premier institute in India for digital marketing courses. They have the best-in-industry faculty to educate students on the subject. Their curriculum comprises technical digital marketing education that assists the learners to meet corporate expectations in the future.

They can transfer the knowledge through an online medium or a traditional classroom setup. Their mission is to help students and aspiring marketers level up in their fields of interest. The best part about them is they offer a range of courses suitable for freshers, marketing professionals, and students.

  • Advanced Course In Digital Marketing (4 months)
  • 13+ crash courses in Digital Marketing with certification (6-12 hours)
  • PG-level courses in Digital Marketing (11 months)


Course Highlights

  • Training by industry experts
  • Master the art of using 30+ Digital Marketing Tools
  • Practical Assignments and Live Projects
  • Resume preparation and interview training
  • 0% EMI Option
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Placement assistance
  • Industry-recognized certification


Contact Information

Phone: 96199 58615

Mailing Address:


4. Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is a company that was founded in the year 2009. This entity deals with data analytics and digital marketing training. It has a history of training 20000+ professionals within 1200+ sessions. No wonder people view it as a trusted company for Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Training.

The entity helps freshers avail of Certified Digital Marketing Course(CDMC). The institute is ready to offer 13 digital marketing certifications from Facebook, Digital Vidya, Google, etc.


Two internships are available apart from the certification programs

  • Content Marketing Internship by Digital Vidya (2 months)
  • Social Media Internship by NASSCOM (6 months)


Course Syllabus

44 modules are part of the course that cover required aspects of digital marketing such as

  • SEO introduction
  • Adwords
  • SEM
  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics


Course Highlights

  • Case Study Assignment
  • Session recordings available
  • Best-in-industry trainers
  • Lifetime updates


Contact information

Phone: 80100-33033

Mailing Address:


5. Delhi School of Internet Marketing(DSIM):

This institute was started in 2011 with the objective to educate as many people as possible. They have trained over 13000 professionals from 390+ batches. They are highly regarded as the best entity for availing of Digital marketing courses in India.

They have partnered with Google, which is why students get certifications from Google along with Hubspot and Facebook. An individual with a goal to complete a Master’s in Digital Marketing can reach out to them. They have 4 and 6 months duration courses available to suit the aspiring digital marketing professional’s needs.


Course Syllabus

Their curriculum has 44 modules of which 26 are core modules and 18 are specialization modules. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Web Analytics are covered under core modules.

Specialization Modules comprise Facebook Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Media Planning, and Buying, Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, Sessions on becoming a Digital Marketing freelancer, Marketplace selling, E-commerce listing, Programmatic Marketing, Adobe Analytics, Infographic resume preparation, Content marketing associated with LinkedIn, and Lead Sourcing.


Course Highlights

  • Affiliate Master Classes
  • Dedicated Placement team
  • Practical Learning
  • Study Materials and E-books
  • Case studies, assignments, and projects
  • Lifetime access to updates and resources
  • Paid Internship


Phone: 8800290309


How Do Customers Benefit From Digital Marketing?

This is a valid question and you will understand the scope of Digital marketing courses in India when you learn about the subject from the client’s point of view. Here are some advantages of allowing businesses to promote their products and services online.


  1. Updates Customers
  2. Quick service and convenience
  3. Better Relationship
  4. 24/7 access
  5. Personalized experience
  6. Comparison shopping


Updates Customers: The world is a place with ever-changing material elements. New trends replace the old ones. And if a customer wants to keep themselves updated, they have to get the information from a trusted source. The internet is the best asset to quickly spread the news about the latest changes in the industry.

The presence of social media makes it easier for the service provider to convey the message through engaging content with their customers. Digital Marketing not only updates the web users but also lets a business learn fresh innovations in the industry and adapt to them to continue running successfully.

The Internet is the easiest and quickest medium to access to know or launch a new product or service in the market. It means clients can grasp information about fresh arrivals, special deals, services, upcoming events, and products through their seller’s site. This simply means digital marketing assists customers to make the right purchasing decisions.


Quick service and convenience: Time is precious, as a person, you cannot sit and wait for someone to share the latest news with you. You have to be smart and utilize the internet to quickly find out information about everything. If you are a business owner, it is wrong to expect customers at your store for information.

If you care about your clientele and business, use digital marketing strategies to help your customers conveniently access new content and buy products. Now, you know the reasons for a rise in interest to pursue Digital marketing courses in India.

As the posted content stays online, it can be accessed anytime. A busy client can view the seller’s site when he is free and buy the product when needed. Most importantly as most websites have adaptable settings, they can be accessed on any smart device.


Better Relationship: This is a no-brainer; a business that directly interacts with its customers builds trust between the two parties. When a company shares details of its products and services with its clients, it creates a good impression on the selling entity.

When people feel a certain business is genuine, they tend to buy more products without hesitation and fear of fraudulent activities. Most people assume social media is only for making or maintaining friends. But the advent of business profiles paved the way for the creation of familiarity between customers and businesses.

Clients can approach the company any time they want and that lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship. In a way, it also lets the clients know that they are valued which is why a company has entered a platform the same as their potential sales lead.


24/7 access: A traditional store will have standard business timings. It means their customers can walk in and purchase products when they are open. But a digital platform is always available; the client can order the product at any time. Also, the customer support team of many companies dedicate their time to resolving incidents of customers 24/7. The customers’ quest for the latest innovations can be fulfilled with the help of a smart device connected to stable wifi.


Personalized Experience: If a commercial entity wants to impress the audience, the first thing it has to do is make the customer feel valued. If an individual doesn’t feel valued, they are bound to get on a mission to find a seller who appreciates their existence.

How can a business achieve this? They can utilize data collected based on the target audience’s interests, shopping behaviors, and demographics. Once a client comes across ads that align with their preferences, they are bound to connect with the dealer and accordingly purchase products to fulfill their needs.

This also indicates that the seller and buyer can develop a healthy relationship as per the customer’s experience. Why is this information shared? Irrelevant material can irk the sales leads and let them slip. Users ignore content that doesn’t align with their interests.

Personalized ads create a better experience for the users. Advertising campaigns that are run as per the audience’s needs, research, and wants will allow people to fulfill their requirements. When the niche audience gets what they want, they engage with the business more often. If a professional wants to get into a successful business or start one, they have to avail the best Digital marketing courses in India.


Comparison Shopping: People used to travel around finding prices offered by various shops before the advent of technology. Walking into multiple traditional stores will require more time and energy. The discovery of the internet has solved such issues as the clients can compare prices of two different companies with a simple click.

Web users can unlock the screens of their smart devices and check out the prices from anywhere in the world. This will allow the individual to find the right entity to buy a product as per their financial strength. This is why most companies mention prices in social media posts.




Is there a way to find the right program to choose from for digital marketing courses in India?

Yes, for that you must consider your career requirements, the format of education, course structure, budget limit, and research about faculty and service of the top educational institutes. Doing so will give you clarity about your goals and accordingly help you make the best decision.


What are the possible designations I can apply for?

Digital marketing is a vast field which is why there is a variety of roles available for each professional as per their educational background and skill set. You can choose to become a Digital Marketing Manager, Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Social Media Manager, Brand Manager, Online Content Developer, and Business Analytics Specialist. SEO Specialist, Web designer, Mobile Marketing Specialist, and Email Marketer.


How is digital marketing beneficial to customers?

Digital marketing involves the circulation of information on the web as per the target audience’s needs, interests, and wants. It means relevant product content will reach the client through social media or other easily accessible internet tools; convenient, time-saving, and comparison shopping.



Digital marketing is a field with great opportunities. It is beneficial for everyone associated with it; businesses, employees, and customers. Organizations can hire people with digital marketing skills and grow their businesses. Aspiring digital marketers residing in Bharat can avail of the services of entities offering the best Digital marketing courses in India to thrive in their respective fields. Clients can utilize the technology to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience.

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