Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Nagpur with Placements

It’s impossible to build a website and leave it blank for an extended period. The instant you want to do something on the internet, be it social media marketing, job hunt all you need is content. The content is the brain if the internet is the heart. You can’t do business on the internet unless you have content. Content will continue to control the globe in the future, and those who create it will profit. The reason for this is that the number of content writing courses in Nagpur provides training while the number of consumers continues to rise.


List of best content writing courses in Nagpur


To develop more content, one must consume a large amount of content, contemplate a large number of ideas, socialize with a large number of people, and share knowledge with others. The content can be produced in the form of blogs, videos, movies etcetera.


The more valuable knowledge is shared; the more money can be made. To become a very good content writer, one must also write and read a lot. Aside from that, to be successful in the realm of content writing, one must have a great mentor. To have a good mentor enroll for content writing courses in Nagpur.


What is the job of content writers?


It all begins with the content writer’s personality type. A blog writer, a social media content marketer, a technical writer, and so forth are all possibilities. In general, as a content writer, you must provide quality content that is simple to comprehend for your readers. Articles for blogs, social media posts, search engine optimized material, technical content, and so on are examples of this type of content.


The ability to conduct research is the most vital writing talent. The more a content writer researches a topic, the better material he or she will produce. Last but not least, one must read their content to determine whether or not the buyer or reader can comprehend it much better. It is, without a doubt, proofreading.


Different types of Content and its Business Opportunities:


One cannot master all sorts of content as a content writer. And it takes a long time to master; nothing is learned overnight. Blog posts/articles, white papers, email newsletters, infographics, videos, e-books, social media posts, and case studies are examples of diverse sorts of content.


To run a business, you need clients, but to prove that you’re a content writer, you’ll need experience, a portfolio, and so on; otherwise, approaching clients would be difficult. Because the clients want their business to expand; after all, they pay the content writers to take care of the profit and loss.


As a result, it’s always best to start with one type of content writing and master it to the core, so you can provide a strong portfolio to potential clients. I’ll list the many sorts of content and their business prospects.


  • Blog Posts / Articles and their business opportunities:


Starting your writing profession by writing blog posts/articles for your website is the greatest and most significant approach to getting started. Because you would have gathered your knowledge in a specific field over time. All you have to do now is begin writing about such subjects.


Though you have amazing expertise in your industry, you may be concerned about grammar faults, how to create words like a professional writer, and other many negative ideas before beginning to write. Don’t be concerned about such details; you have several tools at your disposal to assist you in curating your material.


Put your ideas in a word document and use tools like Grammarly or Hemmingway application to offer alternate phrases and words for your essay. You will be able to write a nice article in this manner. Once you’ve published twenty to thirty articles on your website, it’ll serve as a portfolio for showcasing your work.


There are freelancer marketplace websites where you can post your articles and performances to gain clients. You might participate in writing groups to get leads for blog writing and article writing. You can set up a page on your website as a service offering writing as a service. Last but not least, to market yourself, create valuable content on your social media accounts.


  • Statement of Purpose and its Business Opportunities: 


The purpose of your intent for the position for which you are applying is defined in your statement of purpose. The statement of purpose is designed especially for admission to international universities. Specifically, those who have completed their undergraduate studies and wish to pursue post-graduate studies in the United States.


It is a little tough to write a statement of purpose, but it does not imply it is impossible. It takes time since you must have excellent writing skills. The business possibility for this is enormous because, in a country like India, the majority of students aspire to pursue a post-graduate degree in another country.


If you have a solid track record, word of mouth will bring you more business. For example, suppose you are assisting a student with the writing of a statement of purpose, and he receives positive feedback from the institution and is accepted into the university.


When someone from his junior or peer group inquires about his experience, he or she will recommend you to write the statement of purpose, allowing you to gain additional clients and charge for your services.


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  • E-Books:


There is a distinction to be made between the artist and the consumer. When you’re a creator, you’re more than likely to make money; when you’re a consumer, you’re paying for the creator. When you have an extensive understanding of a subject, authoring an E-Book is the greatest method to get started in the content writing industry.


When you have a decent understanding of a subject, start writing about it for a month, and then hire someone to help with proofreading, etc. Once the E-book is complete, you can begin selling it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Gum road, and other online book stores. One can promote their book via social media, websites, and affiliates, among other methods.


  • Writing Product Descriptions:


Most E-commerce buyers check the product description once before clicking the buy button. To write a product description one should be well versed in short description writing and copywriting. Because one should convey the benefits of the products more and should write a description how the consumer gets benefited or the product will help the customer to overcome the problem.


Also, one has to be mastered communicating the value that the customer is going to get after purchasing the product, which is very important for the product description writers. The best business opportunity is contacting the e-commerce website owners, E-book writers, or any online product sellers.


  • Technical Writing:


Because of the rise of entrepreneurs and businesses, technical writing has been in high demand in recent years. In technical writing, there is a common assumption that one must have a high-level computer degree. No, it’s not the case. Because one must translate technical phrases into appropriate words, even a kindergarten pupil should be able to comprehend the concepts, effective communication skills are required.


It might be any business; if you have a thorough understanding of a particular area, you can become a technical writer with excellent communication skills and a keen interest in reading white papers, journals, and other publications. Although you have a thorough comprehension of a subject.


However, it is preferable to receive instruction from a reputable institute to gain a thorough understanding of the norms and rules that apply to technical writing. Because one can simply scrape a company’s emails using the finest available tools on the market, there are numerous commercial prospects.


The finest example is that if you pay LinkedIn, you can get the company’s emails. Start sending emails to the company about your talents, portfolio, and pricing details to get the project after you have the emails. The corporation will contact you for business if they perceive the value in your work.



Because everyone wants good organic page views for their websites, search engine optimization (SEO) writing is always in demand. To put it another way, SEO is a method of driving organic traffic to websites using keywords and other strategies. There are many SEO writers on the market, but to become a good influencer in the industry and attract business, one must demonstrate results.


The greatest way to master SEO is to create your website in a niche where you feel comfortable writing articles and tracking the results. These outcomes can be posted on social media to get followers. Such fans may become customers in the future. It is simple to acquire customers once you have become an SEO expert.


To become a professional SEO specialist, one must put in a lot of effort. After you’ve established yourself, companies will turn to you for improved results for their businesses. To learn extensively about SEO, attend the content writing courses in Nagpur.


Now, let us see the list of institutes in Nagpur that offers content writing courses:


Rank# 1. Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


1. IIM Skills


You’ll need the perfect mentor to learn the right expertise. IIM skills can be an ideal choice for you to learn content writing courses in Nagpur. IIM Skills is a premier institute that provides students with content writing training. IIM Skills offers the content writing program online, with new batches starting every month, giving students enough opportunity to enroll. Due to its online presence, it takes up the apex position among the content writing courses in India and abroad.


IIM Skills is the finest location to learn content writing whether you are fresh out of college or have a lot of experience and want to start a new career in content writing. The course’s most valuable feature is the students’ lifetime assistance.


The second major benefit is having a hands-on approach to learning; you will be composing articles and other types of content writing throughout the course, which will help you while you are working for a company or freelancing. Last but not least, you’ll learn how to find clients for writing articles, for other types of writing, among other things.


The online portion of the course lasts four weeks, followed by a three-month internship. When compared to theoretical classes, practical classes are more. Also, one can contribute articles for the Times of India; having a presence on such a portal will make it much easier to get clients.


Below are the Modules that are taught in IIM Skills Content Writing Course:


  • Web Development
    • Importance of WordPress website
    • Basic technical understanding
  • UI UX interface
    • Identifying the UI UX experience of your website
  • Introduction to Content writing
    • Types of Content
    • Exploring content publication channels
    • content across various channels
  • Content keyword research
    • Types of keywords
    • Selection of keywords
  • Start Writing content
  • Content Writing tools
  • Duplicate content Detector
  • Content distribution using Email
  • Google local pages set up
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Exploring Social media tools
  • Freelance Content writing


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST 


Below are the industry case studies taught in the IIM skills content writing course:


Case study 1: Affiliate marketing 

  • find a profitable niche
  • find topics
  • Three formulas of success using content writing
  • Learn long term content planning


Case study 2: Content marketing giveaway campaign

  • content engagement
  • Leverage LinkedIn for mass organic reach
  • Capturing relevant prospects for your content writing work
  • Brand positioning using content


Other Courses


Rank# 2. Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


2. Skills Upgrader


The next institute that offers content writing courses in Nagpur is Skills Upgrader. For anyone, learning is a never-ending process. When you graduate from college, you begin your actual education. As a result, enrolling in the correct institute will help you become a great content writer, and your future profession will be lucrative.


The skills upgrader has several advantages, including the ability to establish a personal brand, a lucrative career with a high potential income, and the ability to work as a freelance content writer.


Below are the modules that are taught in the skills upgrader content writing course:


  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web hosting
  • content marketing & UI UX
  • Website creation
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Freelance content marketing
  • Writing SEO Optimized content
  • Content Creation
  • Content marketing using Social media
  • Call to Action
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generation using content marketing
  • Content marketing using email marketing


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Rank# 3. Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


3. Digisnare


Digisnare is the institute that offers content writing courses in Nagpur. Digisnare focuses on a job-focused content writing course that is 100 percent placement orientated. This course will benefit students at the core if they wish to get experience as an employee to a company, to better understand the content writing business.


More students are choosing online education these days. As a result, Digisnare provides students with online classes. It will be quite beneficial. Below is the course curriculum for the content writing course from Digisnare:


  • Basics of content writing
  • What to know before writing?
  • Blog writing
  • Website content writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Writing for public relations(PR)
  • Writing for brochures
  • Writing social media posts
  • Project work & career development
  • Advanced topics
  • Freelancing
  • Creating portfolio
  • Preparing a quotation
  • Preparing an invoice


Rank# 4. Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


4. ECT


ECT will be the next institute to disclose for the content writing courses in Nagpur. ECT offers a wide range of writing courses, one of which is a content writing course. To become a content writer using ECT, follow these five simple steps. Enrolling in the course, attending the classes, completing the assignments, finishing the live projects, and becoming a content writer are the five steps.


Below is the curriculum you will be taught in Udemy:


  • Introduction to content writing
  • Boost your vocabulary
  • Learn writing tools, tips & techniques
  • Hone your creative nonfiction writing skills
  • Learn fiction writing: master the art of storytelling
  • Master business writing skills
  • Learn technical writing
  • Hone your academic writing skills
  • specific pieces of content
  • Master content marketing
  • Monetize your writing skills
  • Publish your book


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Rank# 5. Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


5. Henry Harvin


Another institute that provides content writing courses in Nagpur is Henry Harvin. The best element about Henry Harvin’s content writing course is that students can personalize the course content and receive one-on-one training. In addition, the training fees can be paid through a no-interest EMI plan.


Other advantages offered by Henry Harvin include 36 hours of online training, a guaranteed internship for their students, one-year placement help, E-Learning access with tools and techniques, video content, and more. Regular boot camps, hackathons, and membership will be held throughout the following 12 months.


Below is the course curriculum for a content writing course from Henry Harvin:


  • Language skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Blog, business, and marketing writing
  • Content strategy
  • Technical & research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Earn online & get international projects
  • Simulated Content writing projects
  • Soft skills development
  • Resume writing


Frequently asked questions:


1. Is a master’s degree in English literature required to work as a content writer?

No, all you need is a desire to write and a willingness to study a lot of books to begin producing quality content.


2. How long will it take you to find a job as a content writer?

To gain a job, it takes four to six months to master content writing.


3. What other opportunities do you have as a content writer?

To supplement one’s income, one can start developing an affiliate website. However, you should not rely on affiliate websites.


4. Is it possible for a content writer to become an author and publish a book?

Yes, a content writer can write a book, which may then be published.




It is tough for someone to master all sorts of content writing. Master one type of content writing at first and acquire a strong handle on it; this will give you confidence and offer you a nice income. Writing content and learning should go hand in hand, else it will be tough to stay in this profession.

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