Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Egypt

Are you looking for thorough content writing courses in Egypt to help you break into the field of content writing? Then, this article is a reflection of Egypt’s greatest content writing courses. Egypt, the Middle East’s largest Arab country, has a diverse cultural legacy. It was the birthplace of one of the world’s most important civilizations, earning it the title of “Cradle of Civilization.” It also boasted one of the earliest urban communities in the world. Agriculture, tourism, natural gas, and petroleum imports are the most common occupations. However, there has been a progressive rise in the digital industry in tandem with these. People are contemplating careers in content authoring and digital marketing.


List of best content writing courses in Egypt


So, let’s get started. With the specifics of locating content writing courses in Egypt. You may also have a look at Egypt’s top 10 digital marketing courses. The bulk of people in today’s digital environment has ready access to mobile phones. Laptops, tablets, iPads, and computers are all becoming more popular.


To top it off, social media’s reach has been incredible. It’s used to promote products and raise awareness of special offers, as well as introduce new services. The rate at which content is high, We use search engines to look for anything, from a pin to an elephant. The digital revolution has changed how companies promote and market themselves.


The presence of a digital presence has aided the business to grow both locally and globally, All of these elements have combined to make content writing a stable employment option. This field has a lot of potentials and is in high demand. So, before we get into the top 10 content writing courses in Egypt, let’s go over some typical concerns and questions that people who are interested in this subject have.


● Is this a long-term job? 

● What are the employment prospects for content writers?

● Is there a requirement for certification for this course?

● Is it necessary to have technical knowledge?


Look no further if you’ve come across the same set of queries. We’ve got your back.


What Does Content Authoring Entail?


● It’s all about knowing, as previously stated.

● Various types of writing

● Understanding keyword density and usage

● Websites and SEO technical know-how

● smart on social media

● Ability to conduct research

● It’s a synthesis of all of these elements.


What Is the Definition of Content Writing?


 It’s a type of writing in which you create interesting content to sell products, websites, and blogs, among other things. It’s not just a matter of typing some plain text. Furthermore, it’s a far more developed field now. There are several sorts of content:

● Blogs

● Websites

● Posts on social media

● Emailers

● Brochures

● Publications

● Infographics

● Descriptions of products

● E-books

● List of companies

● Advertisements


Content Writing’s Benefits and Drawbacks:


Before deciding on the top coaching institutes offering content writing courses in Egypt, it’s usually a good idea to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of this field.



● Options for working from home are available.

● Pay is reasonable.

● Exceptional potential for development

● Beginners, homemakers, young mothers, and persons seeking a part-time career would benefit from this course.

● Freelancers



● Market competition is fierce.

● Keeping to tight deadlines

● Before the content is authorized, it goes through several rounds of revisions.

● To create content that converts and assists the client.


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How Do You Go About Becoming a Content Writer?


With so many online courses available, there are plenty of writers on the market. However, not every one of them meets market expectations. Many lack adequate writing skills and do not meet the requirements for work. The importance of selecting the right institute cannot be overstated.


You can become a potential content writer if you learn from an institute with a lot of experience and hands-on experience. As far as marketing is concerned, the term “content marketing” refers to the promotion of your material, such as blogs, articles, videos, and infographics. It’s all about making your content visible to increase traffic and expand your company’s reach among the people.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Egypt:


1. IIM Skills 


This institute is at the forefront of offering the best content writing courses in Egypt and other nations. This institute’s reach knows no bounds, and they have a tremendous global presence. They’ve only been around for 5 years, but they’ve already carved out a name for themselves in the online learning industry.


They leave no stone left to supply you with details regarding the actual market scenario. The highly qualified instructors help pupils achieve their full potential. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ensure that students’ questions are answered as quickly as possible.


 In the curriculum, they’ve implemented a highly dynamic teaching technique. It’s a well-designed firm, and they are updated regularly to stay up with market trends. IIM Skills focuses on preparing students to tackle real-world situations. Once the training is completed, they have a good track record of offering 100 percent placement aid.


It assists learners in gaining valuable hands-on experience and achieving their career objectives. IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course will help you master all types of content. It is without a doubt the most popular course. Because of its appealing salient aspects, it has been chosen by the students:


● Live online training for four weeks

● 60 hours of practical experience

● IIM Skills and HubSpot have partnered to offer Master certification.

● Guaranteed internship for three months

● Support for the rest of your life (Technical & consulting)

● Tools costing $35,000 are available for free.

● Opportunities to work as a freelancer

● For support, there is a dedicated placement cell.

● You’ll be able to publish your first e-book, among other things.


All of this is available for just Rs. 12900/- including GST. They have different sessions to provide more in-depth information about SEO. A thorough understanding of SEO is required in the realm of content marketing. By improving SERP rankings, SEO aids in increasing the organic visibility of a website as well as generating internet traffic.


For a content marketer, it’s the most in-demand skill.  The testimonials are given by the alumni vouch for the professionalism of this institute and also the premium quality they offer. They also provide instruction for a digital marketing course in addition to this one.


Contact Details:


Other Courses


2. Highly Professional Advisors (HPA)


Another notable source of content writing courses in Egypt is highly professional advisors or HPA. In Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, it offers consultancy, training, and recruitment services.


Important Characteristics:


● Content Marketing Certificate Course is the name of the course.

 ● Course EGP 2500 is the course fee.

● The course will last 48 hours.

● The curriculum of the Course: There are six primary modules in the curriculum:

● Four hours of theory and eight hours of practice in content marketing

● With three hours of theory and seven hours of practice, SEO can be learned in three hours.

● Candidates receive certification and a performance report once they have completed the course.


Contact Details:

Mobile: +20110080285 / 1000950433 Landline: (+202) 22916901 / 22916952


3. Udemy


Udemy’s rapid growth can be attributed to its highly skilled instructors and low course costs. They provide a precise framework for developing content marketing concepts in their content writing courses in Egypt. The primary goal of this course is to teach students how to write online material for e-books, websites, and blogs.


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4. Laimoon


Laimoon is a service that provides digital career information. It provides professional education to students all over the world. It works with more than 200 training providers and offers over 40,000 classes. Its headquarters are in Dubai, and it serves one million subscribers in a variety of countries throughout the world.


Important Characteristics


● Master Certification in Content Writing is the name of the course.

● The cost of the course is EGP 2000.

● The course will last 44 hours.

● Online sessions (batch/mode)

● The course syllabus focuses on the four major topics of content marketing

● Modules and tasks on content writing

● Launch of the Website

● Google Ads and Analytics

The candidate receives a certificate of completion from the academy upon completion of the course.


5. Tamer Salah


Tamer Salah is a marketing consultant with 11 years of expertise in worldwide marketing and offers the best content writing courses in Egypt. He has worked as a marketing consultant and digital marketer for numerous organizations in Egypt, and he now teaches online digital marketing courses in Egypt and Dubai. It is one of Egypt’s greatest content marketing programs.


Important Characteristics:


● Course on Content Marketing Excellence

● The cost of the course is, 2100 LE.

● The course will last 44 hours.

● Online batch/mode

● The curriculum of the Course: The following items are included in the syllabus:

● Developing a content marketing plan

● Google Analytics, SEO methods

● Google Ads by Google

● Creating a website

● Use of keywords

● Real-life scenarios, workshops, and assignments are all part of the training.


Contact Information and Address:

Cairo Governorate, 6 El Shaheed Zakaria

Phone: 0109966655


Check out the article on the top Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt to be able to make an educated decision on which course to opt for.  


6. vExcelR


ExcelR is a global leader in training and consulting courses for students and professionals, having started small in 2014. They provide top-notch training in a variety of areas, including content writing marketing in Egypt. It offers both online and in-person training.


 It has been praised for its outstanding performance in guiding the candidates and has garnered excellent feedback for the creation of content, It has won several accolades in Egypt for the best content writing training. They feature a variety of free materials on their websites, such as quizzes and blogs.


Important Characteristics:


  • The course will last 90 hours.
  • Virtual training (batch/mode). If a candidate misses a session, he or she can watch it again once it has been uploaded to the LMS.


The curriculum of the Course:


The following are the core modules:


● The marketing world

● Searching for keywords

Writing SEO content

●  SEO in depth


ExcelR has partnerships with over 100 hiring companies and provides a 100% placement guarantee as well as practical training. The applicant is awarded three international certificates, including Certification by Google Ads. ExcelR and the University of Germany have both awarded you a certificate.


Contact Details:

1800-212-212 is a toll-free number.


7. Great Learning


 Great Learning is one of the best content writing courses in Egypt which provides content marketing, digital marketing, and management training. One of their flagship programs is the Advanced Digital Marketing Program, which allows you to get a certificate from Great Lakes Executive Learning and gain an advantage in the market. They aim to provide learners with all they need to succeed in their jobs, with over, 50000 successful career changes as a result.


8. Upgrad


Upgrad is one of the largest and most well-known online education companies. They’ve merged with some of the best colleges in the world. They provide one-on-one meetings with career experts as well as counseling sessions. The content writing courses in Egypt provided by upgrade would be extremely beneficial to candidates with no technical experience.


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9. Morgan International 


Morgan International is a renowned institute that provides digital marketing and top content writing courses in Egypt and over 30 other countries around the world. Morgan’s trainers are industry veterans who are also certified experts with hands-on expertise. Along with the training, they provide a variety of professional certifications and internships.


Important Characteristics:


  • CWPC (Certified Content Writing Professional) is the name of the course.
  • The live online premium comes with a course price of USD 1,250.
  • The curriculum of the Course: The following units are included in the syllabus:
  • Foundations of Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (PPC)
  • Marketing with content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Planning & Strategy


The students are provided with links to recorded sessions. Curriculum development is based on input from the market’s top leading agencies. After passing the exam, candidates are given a certificate that indicates their level of expertise. It is a qualification that is recognized all around the world.


10. Canadian Chamber of Commerce 


 The Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides one of the well-known content writing courses in Egypt that promote and strengthen trade ties between Canada and Egypt. It is a non-profit organization that intends to create a platform for business coordination. In Egypt, it has a training department that offers digital marketing courses. Project management and a marketing diploma are two more important degrees.


Important Characteristics:


● Content Marketing Course is the name of the course.

● The course will last 6 weeks.

● Classes are held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sundays and Tuesdays.

● Course Curriculum: The syllabus is divided into three modules:

● Marketing with Content

● Organization of Search Engines

●   Google Ads 


This course equips candidates with critical skills and prepares them to enter the sector with a substantial amount of experience.


Contact Details:

Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11475, Villa 25 Murada


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is the significance of content marketing?

Content creation and marketing aid in expanding a company’s reach. It engages potential clients by offering useful information, resulting in a high return on investment.


Q2. Is there a solid job market for content writers?

 The market’s demand for content writers is increasing by the day. Many people have made it their full-time job. Some businesses specialize in content writing. These companies handle the majority of content writing assignments. There are numerous work prospects available, but it all comes down to one’s level of skill.


Q3. What is the distinction between content marketing and digital marketing?  

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing, not a separate entity. The term “content marketing” refers to the process of promotion Digital marketing includes any type of promotion approaches, such as social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and so on, whereas content marketing uses content for promotion.


Q4. What can be done to improve article writing skills?

 You might enroll in a content writing course at an institute. Continue to practice. Use tools and programs designed specifically for content creation. Make it a habit to read books and stay up to date on the current market trends.


Q5. What are the guidelines for writing content?

  • Content writing’s golden guidelines
  • Know who you’re talking to
  •  Model of an inverted pyramid
  •  Sentences that are short and straightforward 
  •  Please use active voice
  •  Include visual content in your presentation
  •  Keep jargon to a minimum
  •  Make use of synonyms.
  •  Make your text easy to read



On the digital front, examples of content writing include blogs, video scriptwriting, emailers, social media posts, white papers, and more. All of these are critical for a brand’s digital growth.


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