Top 13 Content Writing Courses in Agra

In this article, we are going to discuss the best content writing courses in Agra. Additionally, we are going to cover what is content writing and who can be a content writer? Content is a piece of information represented in a very easy-to-understand way. Content writing as a profession existed even before the internet took over the sales industry. But with the entry of the internet and digitalization, content has turned into an integral part of just a part of content writing.


List of best content writing courses in Agra


Content writing is the representation of content in a precise and accurate way. With the rising demand of social media platforms, content writing also includes data creation along with the demand of the targeted audience in a certain social networking site.


Who Can Be a Content Writer?


There requires no specific academic background that is required or mandatory for an aspiring content writer. Anyone who is willing to put in the required time and hard work in attaining and polishing the skills required as a content writer can be a good content writer.


The continuously growing demand for good content writers has also increased the availability of courses and programs that help aspiring content writers to leverage their skills and enter the market as good content writers.


How to Become a Good Content Writer?


It is a myth that content writing as a profession is only fruitful for students or workers in metropolitan cities. A career is as beneficial for anyone in a small city as much as it is for someone in a metropolitan city. Not only the work opportunity but the learning facilities are also available to you in Agra.


We have enlisted the top 13 content writing courses that are available to you in Agra. These courses are specially designed in a way that it can help the learner upgrade their skills as a content writer and also improve his credibility in the market.


Top 13 Content Writing Courses in Agra


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provide a master content writing course. IIM Skills has always been fully identified by the government and the companies abroad too. Therefore, the trust in the certificates they provide has been increased greatly. To improve the scope of the job, they promise at least 3 months of extensive internship with various training opportunities. They offer you multiple content writing modules.


The duration of the course overall is around four months including an internship. They claim various case studies, projects, assignments, etc. These greatly contribute to making your profile stronger. Personalized guidance is something that makes this course special.


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


Other Courses


2. Digital Academy 360


The second spot on our list has been grabbed by Digital Academy 360. There are a number of courses provided by digital academy 360 under the content writing category. The institute provides you with sixteen plus modules with more than fifty hours of classroom training.


It could provide you with two certifications and more than ten tools. They assess your development with two live writing assignments and more than five case studies with revision and backup classes. The course covers all the aspects of content writing and WordPress website designing.


It also provides you with the soft skills required for the field. The faculty consists of industry experts who impart training to learning students. The main highlight of the course is flexibility. The institute provides placements for fresher and working professionals. It has more than fifteen centers all over India.


3. Udemy


Udemy grabs the third spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. It is a huge learning platform. The faculty at Udemy includes many professionals and recognized instructors in various fields. Various content writers create their own course curriculum. Anyone who has been registered on Udemy can get access to these courses.


The courses include various topics simultaneously so any aspiring learner could target the topics specifically and then start his learning journey with Udemy. One of the best writing courses provided by Udemy is the complete writing course by T J Walker. The course takes more than fifteen hours and provides the learner with around 166 lectures on all levels. The course fee is around INR 8,640/-.


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4. Coursera


On the fourth spot of our list, we are including content writing training by Coursera. It provides a variety of content writing courses. All these courses are created by experts and affiliated with universities with a global reputation. The certification provided by Coursera is also an online University certificate.


One of the best courses offered by Coursera is writing and editing which is offered by Patric Berry affiliated with the University of Michigan. The course has more than four-plus ratings on a scale of five. The major focus has been kept on word usage and its effective syntax.


A good part of relevance has been given to logical arrangements of information in creative writing. A subscription to Coursera via mail gives you free choice to choose your course. The subscription also lets Coursera suggest the accurate type of content writing course the aspirant is searching for on the search engines and websites.


5. Online Idea Lab


The fifth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra belongs to Online Idea Lab. It is one of the best and most well-known centers in India. Online Lab Idea gives its students a unique opportunity to interact with students across the globe for a wider reach and a broad spectrum of growth.


The content writing course provided by Online Idea Lab is named The Foundation Content Writing training which consists of three modules namely content research, content writing, and content promotion. They provide the students with various online classes and boot camps under content creations.


The students can opt for either online classes or offline classes. They promise lifetime professional support to their alumni. Various tools and their usage are exclusively discussed in the course. The development of the students is assessed throughout the course with the help of assignments and activities which also helps to induce critical and creative thinking among students.




IIEDM grabs the sixth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. Though the Indian Institute of electronic commerce and digital marketing has a center in Mumbai it is renowned for online courses that make it a good option even for an aspirant in Agra.


The highlights of the institution are digital marketing courses although certification courses are around the topic of search engine optimization, Google Analytics, Social Media, Content Writing, and PPC Adwords-SEM.


The content writing course offered by IIEDM includes the importance of the art of storytelling, the tone of voice, and basic grammar rules, understanding the reader, writing for the digital medium, writing for websites, blogs, social media, banners/ads, proofreading, editing, and re-writing.




MCEI stands at the seventh spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. Mittal computer education institute is an Agra-based institute, located at Kamla Nagar in Agra. The institute is popular for its technology as well as creative writing courses. The course includes all basics of content writing ranging from the introduction of content writing to the different styles of writing. The fees for the course offered are around INR 14000.


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8. Dayalbaug Educational Institute


The eighth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra has been grabbed by Dayalbaug Educational Institute. Dayalbaug Educational Institute is a Union Grants Commission-affiliated university. It offers a full nine months course. The unique point of this course is that it is only for female aspirants.


The aspirant has to clear an entrance exam conducted by the institute in order to enroll them. The minimum eligibility criterion for this course is being the tenth pass. The course has been graded with an A.


Anyone who is hesitant about online courses and cannot get a hold of the new technology can give it a go as this course is an offline course. The selection process includes three aspects which are performance, score, and personal interview.


9. ECT


ECT grabs the ninth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. ECT is an organization specializing in training students. It is a relatively new startup as compared to other institutions on the list. It started in 2020 and has been successful in being recognized by the government of India.


It also promises aspirants an internship after the course. The course curriculum includes everything ranging from introduction to basics of content writing to publishing own book. The duration of the course is around three months. It promises you around thirty-two hours of live training via online classes.


It also gives you access to fifty hours of electronic learning. It assesses your development through assignments and live projects accompanied by quizzes. The course fee is around INR 15000/-.


10. LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn is one of the most used sites among corporate employees and job seekers. LinkedIn has managed to grab the tenth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. It provides access to free and paid on-demand personalized courses for every individual. LinkedIn maximizes the customization and personalization by its data-driven approach that it collects through the LinkedIn network.


LinkedIn enhances its accessibility by letting its learners access the course even through mobile phones and laptops. It provides one month free trial period. Anyone who finds its useful could go ahead and upgrade to LinkedIn premium. All the certifications are also provided digitally through LinkedIn to its learners.


11. Symbiosis


Symbiosis stands at a tall eleventh spot on our list of best content writing training institutes. The Symbiosis institute offers both creative writings as well as content writing training. The minimum eligibility criteria specified by Symbiosis is the twelfth pass with at-least half of the maximum marks in English.


The respective aspirant must have passed the exam from a reputed and affiliated school or university. Aspirants who are in their final year can also apply for the course. The mode of the course is online. The duration of the course has been declared as one year. The validity of the certificate provided by them has been declared as two years.


Anyone who is interested in taking these academic studies on the next level can for a postgraduate diploma in technical writing under Business Writing. The fee of this course is INR 50000/-.


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12. Skills Upgrader


Skills upgrader grabs the twelfth spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. Skills upgrader provides you with online classes. The course is named content writing master course. The course also includes an internship and various freelance writing opportunities.


Duration: 4 Months


The course covers a variety of topics ranging from web hosting to electronic mail marketing. In the promised four weeks they impart around 16 hours of online class training and more than seventy hours divided into various topics like website creation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and freelancing.


It also certifies the students who pass their examinations. They also promise you lifetime support regarding your placement. The cost of the course is INR 6999/-.


13. Skillshare


Skillshare grabs the last spot on our list of top 13 content writing courses in Agra. Skillshare is the online learning community that is very well known for all the good reasons. Skillshare gives you access to its online classes when a person successfully becomes a member of the Skillshare community.


The content writing videos provided by skillshare are precise and well explained. It also gives you a project to work upon and test your newly attained skills. One of the best courses on skillshare is named web content writing master class 2022 by Siva Kumar Kannan.


The course includes more than thirty hours of lessons covering the aspects of content writing ranging from beginner to advanced level. Skillshare also focuses on practical learning by teaching the aspirants practical basics of the concepts in content writing. It also provides lifetime access to the purchased content writing course.




1. What are the requirements of this course?

The browser must always be up to date with the latest version and an active net connection. A true wifi connection is preferred over a cellular data connection. Students meet with different colleagues and mentors through e-mail and chatroom dialogue threads, which is extremely useful for doubt-solving sessions.


2. Can you learn Content Writing while being Home?

Yes! These courses are designed to deliver advanced concepts and make them easier for you. Since it does not necessarily require a classroom, you can definitely become a pro while being home. The study material and course information are available at your fingertips. The only two things you need are a laptop or a smartphone, and an active internet connection.


3. How well do the content writers earn while working as freelancers?

In India, any experienced content writer can earn up to 20-25k per month easily. The newcomers can earn between 8-10k per month with next to no experience. Often the salary is linked with the quality of your work and the client satisfaction level.


4. Can I select many courses at a time?

Sticking to a single course is suggested if you are a beginner. The online approach of study takes a good amount of time to get used to. Every course is offered throughout the year. Once you have adapted well to the system, then you can take on more work always.


5. How will I be assessed?

It vastly depends on the approach and course you select. Most of the providers and courses determine the knowledge with the help of common quizzes and checks after each module completion. Many courses also let you assess your strengths through the presentation, checks, assignments each week, and real work experience.


6. Are there any job prospects abroad for these skills?

Many of these skills mentioned have more scope abroad than in India itself. You’ll be able to take care of several global responsibilities to find the listed job. These courses prepare you for achieving excellence on a global level.




Content writing is becoming a career that is giving growth opportunities to a good chunk of people. It is an inclusive option for not only professionals but also fresher. The flexibility provided in this career is immense which helps an individual to experience growth at their own pace.


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