7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Indore With Placements

Indore is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh and it’s an ideal city for a good career in the digital marketing field. As there are huge career opportunities in Indore, including the digital marketing scene, Indore is one of the largest cotton textile industries in India, and also many other industries such as jewelry, food, and hotel, etc are increasing it creating large opportunities for digital marketers. 

With the rising expansion, any business wants to utilize minimal resources that will add value to their company and digital marketing is one of the solutions for this. Whether the business is large, small, or medium digital marketing increases its reach and exposure prominently. Therefore many institutes offer digital marketing courses in Indore.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Indore


Career Scope in Digital Marketing in Indore


  1. By the end of 2021, every company around the world wants to have an online presence that will create plenty of career opportunities in the industry.   
  2. The average salary of digital marketing fresher is about 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs in India.
  3. Can work for a digital marketing agency, unlike other jobs you can have the freedom to dress as you want, pranks and other cool benefits making it a fun career choice to take up.
  4. You can have an opportunity to work from home and flexible timing to work when you work for a digital marketing agency.
  5. A degree is not mandatory to choose digital marketing as a career. Taking up a digital marketing course and certification from a recognized institution can fetch you a job.     
  6. You can work as a freelancer if you have digital marketing skills such as content writer, website designing, copywriter.


 Therefore many institutes offer digital marketing courses in Indore. Before taking up a course or joining an institution, consider checking the reviews and testimonials if available and check the module of the course.


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Here is the must-have module in the Digital Marketing Course: 


1. Search Engine Optimization 

2. Content Marketing 

3. Web Development 

4. Web Design 

5. Social Media Management 

6. Social Media Marketing 

7. Email Marketing 

8. Affiliate Marketing 

9. WordPress management 

10. Marketing Automation

11. Personal Branding 

12. Mobile Marketing 

13. Agency Orientation

14. Copywriting

15. Reputation Management 

16. Event Marketing 

17. Making Online Money 


Once you confirm about pursuing a career in digital marketing, explore a good digital marketing training institute in your city for taking up a digital marketing course.


Many institutes offer digital marketing courses in Indore, and we understood that choosing the best digital marketing course or a training institute is a hard task. Hence, we researched the best institutes that provide digital marketing training, and here are the top 7 digital marketing courses in Indore.


7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Indore


1. IIM Skills                 


IIM Skills is the best online institute that provides high-quality online digital marketing courses in Indore. Its motive is to provide the required skills for industrial standards at an affordable price and it has more than five years of experience in providing online education, and more than 5000 people across the world are trained by IIM Skills.


IIM Skills is also providing many job-oriented courses such as content writing, CAT coaching, and digital marketing courses. IIM Skills has its foothold across India and UAE. The head office is situated in New Delhi.


Since it provides all premium courses online, all people in the world can easily access courses. Based on their knowledge and expertise in handling campaigns, students are recruited by their brand partners. The current course is Digital Marketing Course


Course Module Includes:

1. Web development in WordPress

2. Search Engine Marketing 

3. Email Marketing

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Social Media Marketing 

6. Content Writing 

7. Inbound Marketing 

8. Web Analytics 

9. Online Reputation Management

10. Affiliate Marketing

11. Video or Youtube Marketing  

12. Advanced Blogging

13. Media Buying  

14. Digital Infographics

15. Resume or CV Writing



Duration of Course: 5 months.

Course Fee: 34900 INR + GST.


Certifications: In the course, you will be trained for 13 certifications which includes 

● Course completion certification from IIM Skills.

● Facebook blueprint certification.

● Three HubSpot certifications. 

● Eight Google Digital Marketing Certifications.


Placement Support: After compilation of this course, they help in resume preparation to scheduling interviews.


 Internship: After a compilation of 90 days, the course has an optional research-based internship for 3 months. This course also offers tools worth 79000 INR for free.


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


Contact Information 

 Website: iimskills.com 

 Contact number: +91 9911839503   

Email: info@iimskills.com  


Other courses

Technical Writing Course

Content Writing Course

GST Course

CAT Coaching


2. Digital Gurukul


Digital Gurukul is an institute founded in 2014 by Dr. Raj Padhiyar. It is an exemplary institute that provides digital marketing courses in Indore. 


The institute provides live classroom training for entrepreneurs, students, industry executives, and professionals. The institute has trained more than 44800 students across the world. It has won more than 20 awards and is also the best digital marketing institute in Asia.


The Institute Offers the Following Courses:

1. Diploma program in digital marketing 

2. Master MBA in digital marketing 

3. Digital marketing courses for business  


 Diploma Program in Digital Marketing:


  The Course Module Includes:

1. Fundamentals of marketing 

2. Content writing 

3. WordPress development 

4. Graphic designing 

5. Search engine optimization 

6. Funnel and automation

7. Copywriting 

8. Email marketing 

9. Digital political campaign management 

10. Freelancing 

11. Youtube marketing 

12. Social media marketing 

13. Video editing

14. Online lead generation for new startup  

15. Integrated digital campaign management.


Eligibility: The minimum qualification to join the course is the 12th pass.


Basic diploma in digital marketing: 9 modules 60+ hours


Master diploma in digital marketing: 14 modules 160+ hours  


Master MBA in Digital Marketing:

The Course Module Includes:

1. Graphic designing 

2. Website creation 

3. Email marketing 

4. Search engine optimization 

5. Funnel and automation 

6. Digital customer behavior

7. Mobile marketing 

8. Inbound marketing 

9. Photography for digital 

10. Storylaying for digital 

11. Digital lead generation management 

12. App store optimisation 

13. Google Adword 

14. Social media marketing 

15. Video editing 

16. Freelancing 

17. Artificial intelligence with chatbot creation integrated digital campaign management 

18. Programmatic advertising 

19. E-commerce business

20. Google analytics  

21. Viral marketing 

22. Native advertising 

23. Performance management

24. Online reputation management 


Eligibility: A candidate with a minimum of 50% aggregate in the degree exam from a recognized university.

Duration: 11 months 

Internship: 2 months 

Placement Support: Agreement before joining the course that pays after receiving a job offer.

Certificate:  Being an MBA-level intensive program Digital Gurukul certifies as a Master in digital marketing. 

Course Fee: N/A


Contact Information:

Phone – 9584831230/902888883

Email – info@digitalgurukul.in


3. Digital Scholar 


The digital scholar was founded by Sorav Jain in 2019 in Chennai. The main intention is to address the skill gap of graduate-employee in the industry. Digital scholar provides the best digital marketing course in Indore.


Institute provides live classroom training for entrepreneurs, students, industry executives, and professionals. The courses are complemented with 3 months of paid internship and thorough training on digital marketing strategies and techniques. 


The current course is the ‘online digital marketing course’.

The Course Module Includes:

1. Fundamentals of digital marketing 

2. Personal branding 

3. WordPress management 

4. Content writing 

5. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

6. Search Engine Marketing 

7. Email Marketing 

8. Automation 

9. Sales Funnel 

10. Linkedin Marketing

11. Social Media Management 

12. Instagram Influencer Mastery 

13. Agency Management 

14. Freelancing 

15. Specialization 

16. Copywriting 

17. E-commerce Marketing 

18. Making Money Online



The Digital Marketing Course Provides:

1. Guaranteed Internship by Echovme 

2. Live projects 

3. Placement assistance 

4. Salary hike by 110%

5. 25 certifications 

6. 18+ advanced modules that cover Copywriting, E-commerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.


Duration:3 Months 

Course Fee:39500 INR 

Internship: 3 Months Paid Internship 


Contact Information 

Contact Number: +91-9169231231


Website: www.digitalscholar.in 


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


4. Webnomysis


Webnomysis is another institute that offers digital marketing courses in Indore. The institute tie-up with more than 75 companies and100% provides placement support. The course is particularly designed for job seekers, students, and working professionals. Webnomysis provides weakened classes for working professionals.


The current course is Diploma in Digital Marketing Certification (DDMC)

The Course Module Includes:

1. Search Engine Optimization 

2. Keyword planner and keyword research

3. HTML Sitemap

4. Social Media Marketing 

5. Google Analytics  

6. Content Writing

7. Video Campaign 

8. Advanced Marketing 

9. E-commerce Marketing

10. Display Advertising  

11. Commuting Value Of Display On Youtube 

12. Pay per click

13. Search Media Marketing 

14. Customer Engagement 

15. Social Media Optimization

16. Geo-Targeting 

17. Online Reputation Management 

18. Freelancing 

19. Viral Marketing 

20. Tools in Digital Marketing 

21. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 

22. Ethics And Social Responsibilities 

23. The Digital Age 

24. Online Lead Generation Techniques

25. Digital Campaign Management

26. Google Webmaster Tool


 Why Webnomysis 

1. Placement partners are Kotak Mahendra, Wipro, ITC Limited, Tata Consultancy, Ola, Oracle, Adobe, Cisco Webex, Unilever, Accenture, Impetus, and many others.

2. Trainers are google certified and highly skilled experienced in the implementation of online strategies for brands.


Contact Information:

Contact number: 9993047237/ 7089744505

Website: www.webnomysis.com


5. Fortune Multimedia 


Fortune multimedia is an institute that provides digital marketing courses in Indore. Fortune multimedia provides various courses ranging from digital marketing, CAD, CAM, CAE, Web Design, Graphic designing, Java, C+, accounting, Tally, GST, and many other courses.


The institute has trained more than 10000 students and with 100% placement. Fortune multimedia in digital marketing master course trains students with live projects.

The current course available is Digital Marketing Master.


Course Module Includes:


Overview on digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing  

Content Writing 

Social Media Marketing 

Email Marketing 

Video Marketing 

E-commerce Marketing

Pay Per Click 


Understanding Processes of Digital Marketing                            

Conversion of traffic to leads

Retention of visitors

Performance evaluation

Targeted traffic increasing

Visibility increasing


Planning and Conceptualizing the Website

Domain name booking and Webhosting 

Connect domain name to the webserver 

WordPress management 

Installing plugins


Website Building Using CMS Mobile Marketing


Recognizing objectives of the website 

 Outline of engagement option 

 Web Page design 

 Web page blueprint creation 

Lead Generation to Build Business 


Importance of lead generation 

Landing page and thank you page 

 Creation of landing page and thank you page   

Types of landing pages 

Landing pages reviewing 

 A/B testing importance 


Conversion of leads into business

Lead strategy creation 


Concepts of lead funnel


 Online Reputation Management 


Importance of online reputation management 

 Online criticism management

The commandment of online reputation management 

Online positive brand image creation 

Management of negative online reputation 

 Tools to monitor online reputation



Adsense and Blogging

Adsense approval 


Tricks to get Google Adsense approval                           

Blog creation 

Pricing for Ads on your blog 

Generation of Money by Adsense 


Google Analytics and Web Analytics 

 An overview of google analytics 

 Google Analytics account structure 

 Cookie tracking 

 Setting up a Google Analytics account 

Add Google Analytics Account to website

Integrate AdWords and analytics account 

Detailed study of Goals and Conversations 

Concept of Bonus and Bonus rate


Campaign performance measurement 

Understanding traffic 

Monitoring traffic source and behavior

 Setting up Dashboard 

 Visitors management 

Event tracking 

In-page Analytics 

Google places Optimisation 

 SEO tools

 Monitoring SEO processes and reports

 Page authority importance 

 Domaine authority 

 Google Penguin 

 Google EMD update 

 Recovery of Penguin and EMD 


  Social Media Marketing 

 LinkedIn Marketing 

 Twitter Advertising 



 Affiliate Marketing 


Online Display Advertising 

Duration of Course:3-5 Months 

Course Fee: N/A 

Contact Information:

Contact number:  +91 9893385789

Email: info@fortunemedia.in

Website: www. future multimedia. in 

Address:114, Orange Business Park, Bhawarkua Main Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001.


6. Indore Institute of Computer Education:


  Indore Institute of Computer Education is one of the best institutes that give digital marketing courses in Indore. The institute was established in 2006 in Indore. Institute is offering various courses such as web designing, android development, graphic designing, PHP/WordPress, java, C and C++, and web development.


Trainers of the institute are well experienced and provide overall knowledge and skills about digital marketing and trainers utilize the latest technologies when training students. Hence the students also get updated on the latest technology used in digital marketing.


The institute provides live projects and various campaigns for students so that students get a better understanding of concepts. Currently, the available course is Digital Marketing Course.


Course Module Includes: 

1. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) 

2. Social media optimization(SMO)

3. Pay-per-click (PPC)

4. Social media marketing(SMM)

5. Content Marketing 

6. Search engine marketing(SEM)

7. Email Marketing 

8. Affiliate Marketing 

9. YouTube Marketing 

10. Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Internship 


Duration of Course:3-5 Months 

Course Fee: N/A 


Contact Information:

Contact number:  +91 911433444 / +91 7697046163


Website: www. education.in


7. Indian Vidyalaya Of Digital Marketing 


Indian Vidyalaya of Digital Marketing is a popular institute offering different digital marketing courses in Indore. It provides 100% practical training. Once a student enrolled in the course, the student gets lifetime access to study materials and tools such as video recordings, e-books, and modules.


Indian Vidyalaya of Digital Marketing provides free access to various digital marketing tools worth 49000 INR. It provides various certifications after compilation of the course google analytics certification, IVDM certification, AdWords certification, and more.


 Currently, the Available Courses are:

1. Digital Marketing Foundation Course

2. Digital Marketing Specialization Course 

3. Digital Marketing Master Course


Course Module Includes: 


Digital Marketing Foundation Course:


  The course is mainly intended to provide all basic knowledge required, it includes:

1. Website Design 

2. Web Analytics 

3. Search Engine Optimisation 

4. Search Engine Marketing 

5. Social Media Marketing 

6. Email Marketing 


Digital Marketing Specialization Course:


The specialization course includes the foundation course as well. Based on your potential in the foundation course, you will be moved to a specialization course. The duration of both the foundation and specialization courses is 90 days.

 In this program, you will be taught strategies to build or improve your online business, selling digital marketing services, website creation, blogging, online marketing, mobile app marketing, email, and more.  


Course Module Includes :

1. Website Design 

2. Web Analytics 

3. Search Engine Optimisation 

4. Search Engine Marketing 

5. Social Media Marketing 

6. Email Marketing

7. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 

8. How To Sell Digital Marketing Services

9. Website creation on WordPress

10. Blogging 

11. Shopping and Advertising 

12. Mobile- App Marketing 

13. Display Advertising 

14. E-commerce Marketing

15. Video Advertising 


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


Digital Marketing Master Course:


Digital Marketing Master Course includes the most advanced curriculum. It helps you to stand out in the digital world to make a unique presence in the digital world.

The course provides advanced training along with the above two-course. It is recommended to take up this course also.


 Course Module Includes :

1. Website Design 

2. Web Analytics 

3. Search Engine Optimisation 

4. Search Engine Marketing 

5. Social Media Marketing 

6. Email Marketing

7. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 

8. How To Sell Digital Marketing Services

9. Website creation on WordPress

10. Blogging 

11. Shopping and Advertising 

12. Mobile- App Marketing 

13. Display Advertising 

14. E-commerce Marketing

15. Video Advertising 

16. Freelancing projects

17. Affiliate Marketing 

18. Content Marketing 

19. Online Reputation Management 

20. Specialization in the above 2 courses 


Digital Marketing Foundation Course

Duration of Course:45 Days  

Course Fee: N/A


Digital Marketing Specialization Course 

Duration of Course:90 Days

Course Fee: N/A 


Digital Marketing Master Course

Duration of Course:180 Days 

Course Fee: N/A 


Contact Information:

Contact number:91+8602524957/ 91+9340823247


Website: www.ivdm.co.in


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the income of a digital marketer in India?

 The average income range of a digital marketing manager for freshers is ₹550000 – ₹560000 per annum in India. Based on the experience of 6-9 years, the income of a Senior Digital marketing manager increases from ₹7,09,800- ₹10 lakhs per annum in India.


What is the price of the digital marketing course?

Depending upon the institute and the type of course, the fees for digital marketing courses vary from 1000 INR – 180000 INR.

Type of Courses Fees (INR)


INR 1,000 – INR 50,000


INR 5,000 – INR 20,000


INR 1,00,000 – INR 5,00,000 


INR 4,00,000 – INR 10,00,000

Government Colleges

INR 23,600 – INR 1,80,000

Private Colleges

INR 15,900 – INR 1,50,000

Digital Marketing Courses in IIM

INR 43,000 – INR 1,80,000


What is the eligibility required to take up a digital marketing course?

Anybody who wants to work in the digital marketing field can take up a course, but some of the courses require educational qualification based on the course- whether it’s a diploma or a degree.


Can we learn digital marketing courses on Youtube?

  The number of youtube channels teaches users about digital marketing starting from SEO, networking advice, high-quality leads, online advertising, social media strategy, and every detail of digital marketing.




These 7 digital marketing courses are some of the most effective institutes offering digital marketing courses in Indore. Today digital marketing is much needed to create an effective brand image and to increase and expand business effectively. 


 While choosing digital marketing courses, go through the reviews of previous students, testimonials, and also study details about the syllabus or modules covered in the course.


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